‘It’s a promotion’ Enter the stadium → Competing team 2 goals → Failed automatic promotion… ‘Son Heung-min’s family’ fans’ heaven to hell ‘6 minutes’

Son Heung-min’s first team in his professional career, Germany’s Bundesliga 2 (Part 2) Hamburg, had the joy of promotion canceled in just 6 minutes at the end of the game.

British media Daily Mail reported on the 29th (Korean time), “Hamburg fans rushed into the stadium to celebrate the promotion to the Bundesliga, but their faces quickly turned red.”

Hamburg won 1-0 in the match against Sandhausen in the 34th round of Bundesliga 2 in the 2022/23 season held at the BWT Stadium in Sandhausen, Germany on the 28th.메이저사이트

Despite winning the final match, Hamburg (66 points) was pushed back by Heidenheim in 1st place and Darmstadt in 2nd place (67 points above), so they had to go through the promotion playoffs (PO) to be promoted to the Bundesliga.

Hamburg was in third place in the league with 63 points before the game. If the existing second-place Heidenheim (64 points) failed to win and Hamburg won the final game, there was a chance to promote directly without going through PO, but missed it.

The problem is that at the time, the final matches between Hamburg and Heidenheim were played at the same time, causing fans to misunderstand promotion.

According to the Daily Mail report, Hamburg, with Jean-Luc Dompe scoring the opening goal in the third minute of the first half, maintained a one-point lead until extra time in the second half and won. By the time all of the extra time had passed, Hamburg had three points, and Heidenheim, which hadn’t yet finished, were trailing Regensburg 1-2 by the time of extra time in the second half.

The Daily Mail explained the situation at the time, “Hamburg thought they had secured promotion to the Bundesliga when the final whistle sounded after winning 1-0 against Zantuhausen. They rushed into the pitch in joy.”

“But disaster struck when they took flares out of their bags and hugged each other on the pitch. Heidenheim made a surprising return to the table, scoring two goals in the last six minutes of added time to break the hearts of the Hamburg fans.” “Heidenheim ruined the celebration of Hamburg fans with a dramatic come-from-behind victory.”

Heidenheim won a thrilling 3-2 come-from-behind victory over Regensburg with Jean-Niklas Beste’s penalty kick and Tim Klendinst’s goal in added time in the second half.

Hamburg fans poured onto the pitch and rejoiced for a few minutes of promotion, but when they heard of Heidenheim’s victory, they sat on the ground again, devastated.

Meanwhile, the opponent for Hamburg’s promotion PO is Stuttgart, the 16th-ranked team in the Bundesliga (first division) this season. Hamburg will play the first leg of the playoffs at Stuttgart’s home on June 1st, and the second leg at Hamburg’s home on the 5th to decide whether to promote.

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