KC Chips tops Super Bowl 3 times in total…Quarterback Mahomes sweeps regular season Super Bowl MVP

Underdog Kansas City Chips reached the top of the 57th Super Bowl. He usually wins the Super Bowl three times.

The Chips defeated the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35 in the Super Bowl, the first black quarterback showdown held at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona on the 13th (Korean time), and won the third championship following 1969 and 2019. The wins in the 2019 and 2022 seasons are a collaboration between coach Andy Reed and quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Chips quarterback Mahomes, who suffered an ankle injury, won Super Bowl MVP with his second win in 2019.

The Chips, who led the Eagles 24-14 in the first half, fired a signal for pursuit with a 1-yard rushing touchdown in the third quarter of the second half, and turned the tide of the game 28-27 in the fourth quarter with Mahomes’ 5-yard passing touchdown. Taking momentum, the Chips took a 35-27 lead with Mahomes’ 4-yard passing touchdown to wide receiver Stuy Moore with 9:22 left in the fourth quarter. 카지노사이트

However, the Eagles, who were evaluated to be ahead of the Chips in air-defense balance, advanced to the Chips 2-yard spot with a 45-yard long pass by quarterback Jaylen Hertz. Quarterback Hertz’s 2-yard rushing touchdown made the score 35-33, followed by a successful 2-point conversion to tie the game at 35-35. Super Bowl 57 is the first time in Super Bowl history that two teams have scored 35 points.

The Chips, who seized the right to attack at 5:15 in the 4th quarter, took advantage of the Eagles’ painful holding penalty and took the long-awaited Vince Lombardi trophy with kicker Harrison Buttker’s 27-yard final field goal with 8 seconds remaining. Buttker missed a 42-yard field goal that could have taken the lead with the score tied 7-7 in the first quarter, drawing booing from Chips fans.

Mahomes completed 21 of 27 passing attempts, went for 182 yards, had no interceptions, and threw three touchdowns to win MVP honors. He finished off a perfect 2022 season, including regular season MVP, Super Bowl MVP, first in passing yards (5250 yards) and first in touchdowns (41). NFL legend Tom Brady. This is the fourth record behind Peyton Manning and Kurt Warner. In particular, the 27-year-old Mahomes is the first quarterback to win two Super Bowls and win multiple MVPs within six years of his debut.

Eagles Hertz led the team’s offense with 3 rushing touchdowns and 1 passing touchdown. However, allowing Chips a touchdown with a fumble during a rushing attack in the second quarter became an irreparable mistake. The first three rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in Super Bowl history, but faded due to the frustration of winning.

On overall offense, the Eagles led with 25-21 first downs, 417-340 total yards, and 35:47-24:13 offense time, but were hindered by a turnover in the second quarter and a holding penalty near the end of the game, making it their second Super Bowl of their career. The win was disappointing. Before the game, gamblers predicted that the Eagles would lead by 1.5 points.

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