Kelly, like flexen? Why did Font refuse to renew the contract?

Was it because of lingering feelings? Or was it dissatisfaction with life in Korea?

Wilmer Font made an unexpected choice. On the 6th (Korean time), the American ‘Major League Trade Rumors’ reported, “The San Diego Padres have agreed to a minor league contract with Font.” Font has been active as the SSG Landers’ first starter for the past two years. Following last year, he performed impressively this season to the point where he was considered an MVP candidate until the first half. In the second half, due to physical problems, his pitch declined and his power decreased as well, but he contributed to SSG’s overall victory by playing an active part in the Korean Series.

However, Font declined to renew his contract before any concrete negotiations with SSG. Shortly after the Korean series ended, Font announced that he was ‘interested in an overseas league’. This is the point at which the actual contract renewal fails. Font’s agent didn’t explain exactly what the SSG club meant to try again in the major leagues, or which club he was talking to. However, at SSG, I was only reading the atmosphere that it seemed that Font’s Sung Hang-xiang wanted to try again in the major leagues. There was no need to continue negotiations due to Font’s firm and quick decision, and SSG quickly set out to confirm a replacement pitcher. 토토사이트

It was known that Font had its eyes on the major leagues, but no specifics were heard. In the case of Drew Luchinski, who returned at the same time, rumors about negotiations flowed in the American media, but there was no news about the font. He also saw that his contract was more difficult than expected.

Major league clubs are also always interested in ace pitchers who have performed well in the KBO League. Because there are enough success stories in the past. In some cases, like Chris Flexen or Meryl Kelly, who exploded their potential in Korea and then returned to the major leagues, and in the case of Josh Lindblom, who gained some experience in the major leagues and played several seasons in the KBO league, he received a major league love call again. there is. In fact, Font was also a “object of interest” several times during the season, with major league scouts coming to the stadium to watch him pitch.

However, it is somewhat surprising that he signed a minor league contract rather than a major league contract. Minor contracts are all uncertain. Of course, in the case of Font, there are variables in which San Diego’s starting rotation is uncertain, but it was never signed under good conditions. The exact salary has not been announced yet, and there has been no official announcement from the club, but the salary varies depending on whether or not you are promoted to the major leagues. Of course, since it is already a minor contract, even if it is called up, there is a high possibility that the amount will not be large.

Font’s 2022 salary was $1.5 million. If he had re-signed with SSG, he could have received more than $1.8 million because the factor for the increase was clear. However, it is surprising that he signed a minor contract, not a major guarantee, with a lower salary than this. If it’s not dissatisfaction with life in Korea, and if you think you’ve done everything you need to do in the KBO League because you won the championship, then you can only interpret it as a great personal desire for the major league stage. Before coming to Korea, Font was a ‘Journeyman’ who had no choice but to move several teams, from the Texas Rangers-LA Dodgers-Oakland Athletics-Tampa Bay Rays-New York Mets-Toronto Blue Jays. He didn’t even have the full flair. His major league performance in 2020, the season immediately preceding his, was 1 win, 3 losses, and an earned run average of 9.92 in 21 games out of the bullpen. Will the font be able to shake off all these concerns and achieve reversal success? The competition starts right from spring camp.

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