KIA foreigner one-two punch, which revealed its majesty, leads the championship challenge in 6 years

KIA Tigers’ foreigner one-two punch that showed off its majesty. Leading the Tigers’ first championship challenge in six years.

KIA’s new foreign pitchers, Sean Anderson (28) and Adonis Medina (26), smoothly digested the second bullpen pitch at the spring camp held at Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA on the 8th (Korean time).

In the second pitch, Anderson and Medina threw around 35 pitches each to check their condition. These pitchers, who can throw balls in the early to mid-150km range, looked like they were checking their condition by throwing various types of pitches.

Anderson, a traditional right-handed pitcher, threw a variety of four-seam fastballs, changeups, sliders, curveballs, and two-seam fastballs. The power of his four-seam fastball and his main weapon, the slider, were also impressive. In particular, the changeup, which was used as the third pitch in the big leagues, also received good reviews.

KIA pitching coach Jeong Myeong-won, who expressed satisfaction by tapping his shoulder right after Anderson’s bullpen pitch, praised him, saying, “He has a good changeup,” and Anderson responded, saying, “It’s the pitch I practiced the most.” In addition, Coach Myung-Won Jeong expressed his opinion, “I wish I could focus more on the slider’s command,” and Anderson also said, “The slider is my main weapon, but I wasn’t very satisfied today,” and pledged to show a better appearance in the next pitch.

As it is a bullpen pitch that is still thrown with a power of around 70-75%, the restraint has not come out to the level of 154-5km, Anderson’s highest record. However, it was a pitch that had the power to recall the pitch he had when his senses came up. In particular, the appearance of throwing the ball easily and comfortably at a concise tempo made people look forward to seeing him in live pitching against batters.

Medina from the Dominican Republic also pitched coolly based on his long limbs. Medina used deformed fastballs such as sinking fastballs, two-seam fastballs, and cut fastballs with relatively good ball movement, as well as his main weapons, such as changeups and sliders, in various ways. He was testing the command of the sinker, the type of pitch he is most confident in, while using various left and right corners. 토토사이트

Medina’s fastball series did not show all the movement of the ball on the KIA club’s pitching cam screen, but a considerable level of change stood out. In addition, it showed the possibility of becoming a threatening pitcher with both ground ball induction and strikeout ability if the changeup, which was highly evaluated in the United States, was used more in practice.

Like this, it is the most satisfying part for KIA that Anderson and Medina are steadily stepping up and improving their condition. KIA struggled with injuries and sluggishness of foreign pitchers in the first half of last year, but found stability in the second half with the system of Sean Nolin and Thomas Panoni.

However, under the judgment that powerful foreign pitchers who can be sure 1st to 3rd starters in the regular season and fall baseball are needed, a new board was created with Anderson and Medina, who have excellent pitches.

In the end, what this means is that KIA will challenge to win the Korean Series six years after the 2017 season, which was the last championship. And Anderson-Medina’s performance will be the key and key to achieving that challenge.

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