Kim Ha-sung’s possibility of going to the Dodgers rises again

It happened in front of Kim Ha-seong (28)’s eyes. Gavin Lux (26) collapsed. It is difficult to walk alone. He had to leave the ground in a cart. The next day, yesterday (Korean time 1st). The results of the MRI scan came out. Right anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and lateral collateral ligament (LCL) tears.

It is a finding that it takes more than a year for surgery and rehabilitation. A season out is inevitable. He posted a heartbreaking feeling on his own social media. Even so, he delivered a message saying, “Thank you for the comfort and prayers of many people.” The Dodgers, who considered him their starting shortstop, are also puzzled.

It’s unfortunate. However, as the person concerned said, ‘what happened is what happened’. Follow-up is required for recovery. I’m trying to figure out how to fill the void.

First of all, we will consider self-solving. It is to fill in the existing resources. It is the simplest and easiest way. There was also a foresight for this. It’s a trade that took place at the end of last year. They brought in veteran Miguel Rojas (34) from Miami. predicted that “Lohas will be responsible for Lux’s missing position.”

The defense is one of the best in the league. He is one of three people who made it all the way to the Gold Glove finalists. The other two are Kim Ha-seong and winner Dansby Swanson. Even so, Lux’s next rank is due to his offensive power. He hit 0.236/0.283/0.323 (hitting) in 140 games last year. It was fWAR 1.2, bWAR 2.5.

Another alternative is in the labor market. They are job seekers who have not yet found a job. Two from Curaçao, the birthplace of shortstops, are on the list. Andrelton Simmons (34) and Didi Gregorius (33).

The two have all-star-level brilliant careers. However, there are parts that are reluctant. It is an injury history and a distinct aging curve. Simmons played just 35 games for the Cubs last year. In early August, nominations were assigned. It is evaluated that Sir Didi also lost all of his strength, his attack power. Released from the Phillies in August.

After all, if the Dodgers think of plan B, a trade is likely. In this regard, there was an interesting report in early January. It was a proposal from the influential newspaper Sports Illustrated (SI). This is the content. “Dodgers President Andrew Friedman should recruit Kim Ha-sung through a trade.”

SI cited several reasons for this. ▶ Good defense. Although he is small in size, he knows how to use his entire body. It’s a skill that even colleagues like Manny Machado and Eric Hosmer acknowledge. ▶ Classify Lux as a shortstop resource, but he hasn’t played many games. Although he mainly played second base, he exposed his insecurities on defense. ▶ (Kim Ha-seong) He has two years left on his contract, and he has improved a lot compared to his first year. His offense has also been upgraded, as he was 0.251/0.352/0.383 (other appearances) last season.

It sounds plausible, but it was just a claim. There seems to have been no real movement on either side. But that time is different. As you know, the Dodgers are in a hurry. Things have changed a lot on the Padres side, too. Shortstop Xander Bogaerts was signed. Even third baseman Manny Machado was retained. Both are 11-year-old iron rice bowls. Because of this, Kim Ha-seong’s utilization range is inevitably reduced. You have to share innings with your competitors at second base.

Of course, he won’t be able to do it easily. There is a fate stumbling block. It is a global rivalry where you have to fight for ranking. Besides, the Padres have nothing to regret. There is no reason for the Dodgers to do good things for nothing. The shouts of “Beat LA” ring in my ears.

But not necessarily. It’s not like you can’t trade at all. There is a historical basis. Remember the winter of 2014. A big deal that will surprise the world has been made. The Dodgers have sold star star Matt Kemp. It was a condition of preserving part of the salary. Instead, the priests gave up catcher Yasmani Grandal and two minor league pitchers.

This work was done at the beginning of the appointment of the heads of both fronts. Andrew Friedman, president of the Dodgers, and AJ Preller, general manager of the Padres. They are trade addicts (?) called cheaters and madmen. The two also struck up an exchange for Matt Beatty and River Ryan last year. These are still incumbents. 안전놀이터

The shortstop market is as big as the pitcher. Move constantly. And it’s always in short supply. San Diego brought in a second baseman without much buzz. This is tough guy Rugned O’Door (29). He joined spring camp on a minor contract. His role overlaps with Kim Ha-sung. Same with the Dodgers. Immediately after Lux’s injury, he signed Bryson Brigman (28). He is a shortstop and second baseman who played in the minor leagues for the Mariners and Marlins.

anyway. From the Dodgers’ point of view, Ha-seong Kim is coveted. That is clear. In terms of power, it is better than the current plan (Miguel Rojas). He’s more than twice as high in WAR (fWAR 3.7, bWAR 5.1). He’s also good for utility. Above all, age, remaining contract period (2 years), and salary. All conditions are light. The question is, what kind of bets do the cheaters make? And whether Mad Men calls it.

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