Kim Jae-sung, the ‘Number 2’ of Taegoon Mama, ‘Now it’s up to Kim Tae-gun…’ [Pohang Scene].

Samsung Lions catcher Kim Jae-sung swings the bat hard.온라인바카라

One of Samsung’s three catchers, Kim Tae-gun, has been traded to KIA.

Samsung Lions catcher Kim Tae-gun was traded to KIA in a one-for-one deal for KIA Tigers infielder Ryu Ji-hyuk. Gone is Kim Tae-gun, who has been the backstop for Samsung since Kang Min-ho. The Samsung Lions’ second catcher is now Kim Jae-sung. At 185cm and 85kg, Kim is a power hitter in the same league as Kang Min-ho. He is a rare right-handed batting catcher and a left-handed hard hitter with one-hit capabilities.

Kim Jae-sung was a highly touted prospect who was drafted by the LG Twins in 2015. While he was recognised for his hitting, he was unable to establish himself in the first team.

He moved to Samsung as compensation for Park Hae-min, who moved from Samsung to LG after the 2021 season.

After joining Samsung, Kim had a strong season last year, appearing in 63 games and recording 3.3 ppg.

Kim Tae-gun left in a sudden trade. Now, Kim Jae-sung’s role is even bigger. Born in 1996. At 27 years old, Kim Jae-sung is the catcher of the future for Samsung.

Samsung has a veteran catcher in Kang Min-ho, but Kim Jae-sung is the next in line for the job.

Samsung is having a very poor season in the offence this year. With five days to go before the end of the first half, they are in last place with 28 wins and 46 losses, five games behind ninth-place KIA. This is where Kim Jae-sung, who has become the ‘number two’ catcher for the lions, needs to step up.

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