“Kim Yu-seong’s actions are more important in the future”…’Real Pro’ emphasized by director Lee Seung-yeop

“I hope Kim Yu-seong becomes a pro in every way.”

Doosan Bears manager Lee Seung-yeop started the official pre-interview with pitcher Yu-seong Kim prior to the KT Wiz game in Jamsil on the 21st. Kim Yoo-seong recently asked for forgiveness from a victim who suffered school violence during his middle school days, and the victim has conveyed that he accepts the apology.

Director Lee said,토토사이트 “Thank you for forgiving Kim Yoo-seong from the side of the victim. Please watch how Kim Yoo-seong grows in the future, and I hope that Kim Yoo-seong will also become a more mature member of society.”

Kim Yoo-seong was a promising pitcher who was first nominated by the NC Dinos, a local team in 2020, while he was in his third year at Gimhae High School. However, controversy arose when the facts and disciplinary history of violence against juniors during Naedong Middle School were revealed, and NC withdrew Kim Yu-seong’s first nomination amidst deteriorating public opinion.

Kim Yoo-seong, who was frustrated by his past mistakes, chose to enter Korea University the following year. Since last year, college sophomore players have been allowed to participate in the professional baseball rookie draft, knocking on the door to enter the professional league once again, and Doosan nominated Kim Yoo-seong with the 19th overall pick in the second round.

However, Kim Yoo-seong was unable to participate in Doosan’s 1st team spring camp last February. After taking office as Doosan Command Tower in November of last year, coach Lee established the principle that Kim Yoo-seong will not be appointed in the first team without forgiveness from the club and the victim, and asked Kim Yoo-seong to seek forgiveness from the victim through sincere reflection and apology.

After the first controversy about school violence, Yuseong Kim continued legal battles with the victims, causing further criticism, but recently admitted all his mistakes and apologized. The victim’s side accepted Kim Yoo-sung’s apology and asked for an exemplary player’s life, and the prerequisites for Kim Yoo-sung to step on the professional stage mound were met. 

Coach Lee said, “I was reported that Kim Yu-seong threw a game as a starter in the 2nd team. We have to wait a little longer for the call-up period for the 1st team.” Explained.

At the same time, Director Lee is in the position that Kim Yoo-sung’s future move is more important. He emphasized that he had to be reborn as a mature member of society as well as playing baseball hard.

Director Lee sent a message, “Kim Yoo-seong, each and every action will be important in the future. Now, I hope that he will become a pro in everything from his mind, body, and spirit to being a professional baseball player.”

In addition, “My coaching staff, including myself, will help Kim Yoo-seong grow further so that he can become a better person.” I don’t think there’s any reason to give up.”

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