Ko Jin-young, who was heavy, “It’s best to hit the ball with no thoughts”

Ko Jin-young (28) continued her good mood with an under par for two days in a row at the LPGA Tour Honda LPGA Thailand. I was a bit less in shape than the first day, but I had a day that went smoothly in my own way.

On the second day of the tournament held at the Siam Country Club Pattaya Old Course (par 72) in Chonburi, Thailand on the 24th, Ko Jin-young reduced 2 strokes with 3 birdies and 1 bogey, and was ranked tied for 27th with a total of 6 under par. On her first day, she went 4 under par and then went under par for the second day in a row. In particular, Ko Jin-young’s unique ‘computer shot’ stood out two days in a row. On her second day, she hit 83.3% (15/18) of the greens and had a high fairway landing rate of 78.5% (11/14). However, it was regrettable that she could not save more putts when the number of putts was 31, which could further reduce her number of strokes.

After the game, Ko Jin-young said, “The shot was good, but there were so many things that I regretted playing on the green. I did my best, but I still have unavoidable regrets.” Still, Ko Jin-young also showed satisfaction. He said, “Actually, I wasn’t in a good condition before I left. My body was very heavy. I think I did better compared to how heavy my body was.” 스포츠토토

Ko Jin-young said, “I’m trying not to be too happy with each shot. I think it’s best to hit the ball without thinking.” Committing to play aggressively for the remaining two days, he promised, “It’s not that big of a gap from the lead. Sunday’s weather doesn’t look good, so I’ll have to play hard on Moving Day tomorrow. I’ll try to play better than last round.” JTBC Golf will broadcast the 3rd round of this tournament live from 12:15 pm on the 25th.

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