Korean Air takes a different path from other teams, and there are things to be gained from that path as well

There is a clear difference between the way Korean Air approaches the competition and the way other participating countries do. However, there are things to be gained even on the way Korean Air goes.

On the 14th (local time),카지노사이트 Korean Air will have its first match in Group A of the 2023 Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) Men’s Club Volleyball Championship against Canberra Heat (Australia) at Lipa Isa Sports City. The Korean Air players, who entered Bahrain on the night of the 11th, focused on managing their condition until the 12th, and on the 13th, they held their first ball training to enhance their sense of practice. In order to look at a high place, it is important to know the first step well in the Canberra Heat game, so the Korean Air players and coaching staff did their best in ball training.

However, an unusual scene was captured on the court where ball training was in full swing. Player Han and Kyu-min Kim were active (?) as ball retrievers. The two players accompanied Bahrain, but did not play in the game. This is partly to manage the condition of the two players, and also to give young players experience. Not only the two players, but also Lincoln Williams and Jeong Seong-min cannot meet in this competition. It is Korean Air that has to compete with 4 players missing from last season’s winning power.

Korean Air’s direction is contrary to the actions of other league teams participating in this tournament. Among other teams, there are many teams that have stepped up to reinforce their strength to achieve success in this tournament. Representative examples include Al Ahli (Bahrain), which recruited three players, including Yosbani Hernandez (Cuba), on short-term loans, and Bayanhongor (Mongolia), who brought in Bayar Saihan, who was living in Korea.

However, Korean Air went into this competition without the team captain and main gun. There are several reasons for this choice. However, the biggest reason among them is to use this competition as an opportunity to design the ‘future’ of Korean Air, which coach Tommy Tilikhainen has consistently emphasized. Not only Lincoln, who has to discuss whether to sign a contract every year, but Han Seon-su, Kim Gyu-min, and Jung Seong-min cannot remain at Korean Air forever. However, these four players account for a significant portion of Korean Air today.

Therefore, this tournament can be a training ground for Korean Air’s young players to prepare for the situation in advance so that the entire team will not be shaken by the vacancy of four players that can arise at any time. Also, even if you look at them individually, for some players, this tournament may be an opportunity to explode their potential, like Heo Soo-bong and Lim Seong-jin, who have grown to the next level through the 2022 FIVB Volleyball Challenger Cup and AVC Cup.

Of course, you may have to taste the bitterness right away in this process. They may lose, exposing their inexperience to other teams sharpening their knives to win. However, winning this competition is not Korean Air’s ultimate goal. It is certainly not the last international competition that Korean Air’s young players can compete in. There is no such thing as a competition where the result is not important, but coach Tillikainen and Korean Air decided that the process is as important as the result in this competition.

The decision of the manager and the club has been made. Now the baton has passed to Korean Air’s young and talented players. Players who take to the court in place of veterans must value the opportunities they are given and prove their potential and worth to the best of their ability. If that happens, this tournament will remain one of the best unforgettable moments for both the team and the players themselves. Of course, the icing on the cake is if they can even bear fruit in this process.

What is the final destination for Korean Air, which is walking a different path from other teams? By all means, many people hope that the destination is not far from the destination.

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