Korea’s first ‘MLB concept’ baseball field…”It will feel like a major league”

Preparing a blueprint for the reconstruction of Sajik Stadium in Busan Consideringplacement of the ground in a northeast direction, etc.

Sajik Baseball Stadium, home of Busan, the ‘Baseball City’, is reborn. It is expected that the stadium will change into a spectator-friendly stadium by increasing the number of seats for the home team and widening the spacing between seats.

According to Busan City on the 13th, regarding the reconstruction of the Sajik Baseball Stadium, the Lotte Giants, baseball experts, and civic group officials have recently completed the process of listening to the opinions of citizens and the opinions of an advisory group. Since May of last year, the city of Busan has been conducting a feasibility study and basic plan establishment service for Sajik Baseball Stadium reconstruction. The city plans to announce the final service results around March after going through a review and supplementary process. The Sajik Baseball Stadium reconstruction project is expected to begin in 2025 at the earliest.

The shape of the baseball field was confirmed as an open field like the current one instead of a dome field. It seems that the size of the audience will be slightly reduced. Currently, there are 22,990 spectator seats at Sajik Baseball Stadium. The newly built Sajik Baseball Stadium is expected to make watching the game more comfortable by widening the gap between the left and right, front and rear seats, instead of reducing the number of seats.

Changing the current arrangement of seats, where the 1st and 3rd bases are symmetrical, to an asymmetrical one is also under consideration. This is based on the judgment that the number of seats for the home team, which is in high demand, should be increased and the number of seats for the away team should be reduced to attract home fans more actively. Some stadiums in the American Professional Baseball Major League (MLB) have a home-to-away ratio of 6:4 or 7:3. This arrangement of seats is expected to be an effective way to increase the enthusiasm of the home crowd and increase the number of visitors. 슬롯사이트

Changing the direction of the baseball field was also included in the discussion. The current Sajik Baseball Stadium faces southeast (looking from home plate to second base). For this reason, both infield and outfield spectators who visit Sajik Baseball Stadium complain of glare from strong sunlight during the afternoon hours when baseball games are held. Busan City is considering changing the direction of the ground to the northeast, which has been adopted by many MLB clubs.

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