Lebron’s NBA all-time scoring game… Abdul-Jabbar watches

LeBron James (LA Lakers) challenges to break the all-time scoring record in NBA history in front of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Reuters reported on the 3rd (Korean time), “Abdul-Jabbar will watch two home games of the Los Angeles Lakers, where James is likely to overtake him as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer.” This is news from a person close to Abdul-Jabbar.

James scored 26 points against the Indiana Pacers for a career high of 38,325 points. Abdul-Jabbar’s career-high 38,387 points was approached by a margin of 62 points. James’ average score for the 2022-2023 season was 27.2 points. In terms of numbers, he will surpass Abdul-Jabbar in the third game.

The upcoming schedule for the LA Lakers will be two home games against the New Orleans Pelicans on the 5th, Oklahoma City Thunder on the 8th, and Milwaukee Bucks on the 10th. The game Abdul-Jabbar will watch is known as a home game against Oklahoma City and Milwaukee.

The relationship between Abdul-Jabbar and James was not very good, so more attention was paid to whether Abdul-Jabbar would watch the game.

There was a great difference of opinion. When James said, “Getting the COVID-19 vaccine is a personal choice,” Abdul-Jabbar criticized it. Abdul-Jabbar also called James’ on-field celebrations “childish.” James also frowned when asked about Abdul-Jabbar last September, saying “no thoughts, no relationship”. 온라인바카라

Reuters reported that “Abdul-Jabbar and James have had a rocky relationship amid disagreements in various fields. Some people are wondering whether Abdul-Jabbar would want to see a record held for 40 years broken.” Emphasized.

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