‘Lee Kang-in and bad relationship’ Valverde, full crowd booing 

Korean soccer, especially Uruguay’s Federico Valverde, who has a bad relationship with Lee Kang-in, played the game amidst booing.

Valverde started as Uruguay’s captain in an evaluation match against Korea held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th.

Whether or not he participated메이저놀이터 has attracted a lot of attention from before. Because there is a very ‘special’ relationship with Korea.

At the U-20 World Cup held in Korea while representing the U-20 team, he caused controversy by tearing out his eyes, which meant ridiculing Asians.

After that, Lee Kang-in and the bad relationship continued. In November of last year, in the Qatar World Cup group stage match, he made a rough tackle against Lee Kang-in and provoked him with an uppercut ceremony.

After returning to his team, Real Madrid, he received a warning card for a rough tackle on Lee Kang-in during a match against Real Mallorca.

On this day, the two players started side by side, but there were not many things to do directly. While Lee Kang-in mainly played on the left flank, Valverde coordinated the attack in the midfield.

There was no conflict with Lee Kang-in, but the full 63,952 spectators who filled Sangam remembered Valverde’s actions.

Even before the game, whenever his name was called or his face appeared on the screen, he was full of boos.

In the 7th minute of the second half, when Hwang In-beom was tackled, the booing reached its peak.

Valverde was professional. He was not swayed by this booing. He took charge of free kicks and corner kicks for the team. He also made a corner kick that led to the team’s first goal.

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