Lee Kang-in’s ‘Shocking Salary’ Revealed… Received ‘as much as 8 times’ less than Muriki, 12th level in the team

Lee Kang-in is receiving less treatment within the team compared to his performance.

Spain’s ‘El Goal Digital’카지노사이트 reported on the 9th (Korean time), “Lee Kang-in is currently receiving 500,000 euros (approximately 720 million won) a year. This is not a level in the top 10 annual salary in Mallorca.”

Lee Kang-in has grown into a key player for Mallorca this season. He is one of the attacking players in the team along with Berat Muriki. However, his salary was not. Lee Kang-in is at the 12th place in terms of annual salary in Mallorca.

According to the annual salary data sheet released by ‘Celery Sports’, which documents annual salaries in the sports world, Muriki is the highest-paid player in Mallorca. He is known to earn about 72,500 euros (about 105 million won) a week and an annual salary of 3,767,300 euros (about 5.465 billion won).

It is about 7.8 times the annual salary Lee Kang-in receives. In addition, the media explained that “Muriki has a contract until 2027 and has a release clause of 40 million euros (about 58 billion won).” Compared to what is currently known as Lee Kang-in’s release clause of 20 million euros (about 29 billion won), there is a difference of two times.

Following Muriki, Pablo Maffeo was receiving three times the annual salary of Lee Kang-in. Rodrigo Battaglia and Manu Morlanes were also high-payers in the team with 2.6 times each. From Mallorca’s point of view, it is understood that it would have been difficult to sell Lee Kang-in in the transfer market last winter because he was very active even after giving him a small annual salary.

Fortunately, he has the possibility of an eight-fold increase if he moves to Atletico Madrid. The media said, “There is no Atletico player who gets paid that little, so (if he transfers), the salary will not be an issue. receive,” he explained.

Atletico is actively recruiting Lee Kang-in. The media said, “Atletico already knows that if they want to recruit Lee Kang-in, they will have to pay 20 million euros (about 29 billion won) this summer. Won),” he explained. If Lee Kang-in receives 3 to 4 million euros, he can achieve an annual salary increase of about 500% to 700%.

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