‘LG Camp’s only rookie’ 150 km fun!

‘Only one person.’

There is a protagonist who is the only rookie to join the LG Twins spring camp. When the story about him came out, director Yeom Kyung-yeop’s eyes shone even more. The main character that the command tower also fell in love with is LG Twins 2023 rookie pitcher Park Myeong-geun (19).

Park Myeong-geun, who graduated from Raon High School, wore an LG uniform with the 27th overall ranking in the 3rd round in the 2023 rookie draft. He is a right-handed sidearm pitcher with a relatively short stature of 174 cm. He wears number 39. According to an LG club official, Park Myung-geun has a fastball that can travel over 150km. The club highly regarded his potential and nominated him in the third round. His down payment was 110 million won.

According to the Korea Baseball Softball Association, in the high school baseball tournament last year, he appeared in 13 games and recorded 4 wins and 1 loss with an ERA of 1.21. In 51⅔ innings pitched, he gave up 29 hits (one home run), walked 11, hit four balls to the body, and gave up 7 runs (7 earned) with 68 strikeouts.

The LG Twins team will depart for the United States on the 30th and start spring camp at the San Francisco Giants Baseball Complex in Scottsdale, Arizona from February 1st. Coach Yeom departed through Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 on the afternoon of the 27th, three days earlier than the team.

Meeting with the reporters that day, coach Yeom said of Park Myeong-geun, “When I was working as the technical chairman, he was a player I wanted to pick for the national team. So, I once recommended it to former national team coach Ryu Joong-il, saying that he could be used as a bullpen pitcher.” . 메이저놀이터

LG will participate in this Arizona camp with 43 players, including coach Kyung-yeop Yeom, 19 coaching staff, and captain Oh Ji-hwan. Of the 43 players, 26 are pitchers, and Park Myeong-geun proudly took one of them.

Regarding Park Myung-geun’s strengths, Manager Yeom praised Park Myung-geun, saying, “Basically, he has good control. He has a good mentality. Looking at his throwing, he is a pitcher who knows how to fight.” Because it is not, the range of use is wide,” he said, expressing expectations.

He continued, “It can be said that the ability to deal with left-handed hitters in the professional stage is still poor. However, if you equip a pitch such as a falling changeup, you will show a better figure.”

Director Yeom even mentioned the possibility of including an entry for the opening game. It means the expectations are so high. He gave the ball to the coaching staff for the pitching part, saying, “If I show a good figure, I think I can enter the opening day entry. I value the diversity of the types of pitchers in the bullpen. turned

Park Myeong-geun, who took the dream opportunity of participating in the 1st team spring camp with his first professional career. Will he be able to live up to the expectations of the head coach and really make it to the roster for the opening match? The expectations of LG fans are rising.

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