Life after retirement?…The options given to Ronaldo are ‘broad’

What is the life of Christian Ronaldo (38, Al Nasr) after retirement?

On the 26th (Korean time), the British Daily Mail shed light on several potential projects about Ronaldo’s post-retirement life.

The first is real estate. The media said, ‘Ronaldo has full rights to set foot in one of his properties after his player retirement. He said, ‘Because he values ​​wealth, he has the potential to choose this field.

The second is ‘brand’. Sports stars usually create their own brands. A representative example is basketball’s ‘Michael Jordan’. Ronaldo has well over 500 million followers on Instagram. He is undoubtedly an influential figure on the planet. The Daily Mail also said, “He has tremendous influence. Ronaldo was also named the most influential player on the planet, beating Lionel Messi and LeBron James in October of last year.” 안전놀이터

A ‘marketability score’ was given, and Ronaldo received a score of 91.21 out of 100. Within this evaluation score, three factors were included: brand strength, affordability, and audience.

Next is business. Ronaldo is running ‘Pestana CR7’ as a hotel business. His business is expanding not only in his hometown, but also in Madrid and New York. The last item mentioned by the media is charity work. Ronaldo has been involved in charity activities such as UNICEF and World Vision from an early age. In 2016, he worked on a project to fund the construction of a pediatric hospital in Santiago, Chile. He has also contributed to emergency dispatches to help Syrian children devastated by the war.

Ronaldo’s post-retirement plan has several items. The options for Ronaldo, who made his home at Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia earlier this year, are clear.

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