‘Like Goo Dae-sung… ‘ Transformation of a 9-year college graduate pitcher thrown into the competition for survival 

He was once a finishing pitcher who was responsible for the back door. He took on a new challenge at the age of 30 with his 3rd team.

Lotte Giants Moon Gyeong-chan (31) has greatly improved 메이저놀이터his pitching form this season. When he is ready to pitch, he stands facing second base completely. At the bat, only the back of Moon Kyung-chan can be seen. Just like Koo Dae-seong (former Hanwha Eagles) in his later years, pitching begins with his back to the hitter.

The point of transformation is ‘desperation’. He changed his uniform to NC Dinos in 2020 and Lotte in 2022. He has been recognized for his value, but it is also proof that he is a pitcher whose position is shaky without a solid foundation.

He only managed 40⅓ innings in 38 games last year. His ERA is a whopping 5.80. This is the highest figure since 2015, when he was a rookie (8 games). In a team full of young pitchers, he is already over 30 years old. It is not an awkward position to be called a middle pitcher.

In addition, this winter, veteran reinforcements were also made. Pitchers with old-fashioned tunes, such as Shin Jeong-rak, Kim Sang-soo, and Yoon Myeong-jun, wore Lotte uniforms. As Moon Kyung-chan, it is possible to feel nervous.

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