‘Like Hwang Hee-chan against Portugal’, ‘British faction’ Lee Geum-min-Park Ye-eun against England

Can Lee Geum-min (29) and Park Ye-eun (27), who play for Brighton Women in the British Women’s Super League (WSL), take the lead in defeating England like Hwang Hee-chan (27, Wolverhampton)?

The Korean women’s soccer team, led by coach Colin Bell (52, England), will start the first round of the Arnold Clark Cup against England in England on the morning of the 17th (Korean time).

Geum-Min Lee and Ye-Eun Park, who are playing in the WSL, and coach Bell from England. In many ways, it resembles the men’s national team that defeated Portugal in the group stage of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and made the round of 16.

The Arnold Clark Cup, in which four countries participate, is an international friendly women’s soccer tournament hosted by the England Football Association. Starting with the game against England, Korea will clash with Belgium on the 20th and Italy on the 23rd.

Expectations are focused on the performance of Lee Geum-min and Park Ye-eun, who are playing in England. At the World Cup in Qatar, Hwang Hee-chan spent more time on the bench due to a hamstring injury, but scored a thrilling goal as a substitute in the second half of the third group match against Portugal, where his hopes of advancing to the round of 16 were at stake. It was a big thanks to experiencing many Portuguese colleagues at his team, Wolverhampton. Hwang Hee-chan led Korea to the round of 16 by breaking through the gaps in the opponent’s tired defense at the end of the game.

National team striker Lee Geum-min said through the Korea Football Association that day, “All of the English players are good and have their own style, so it’s difficult to point out anyone.” We plan to share the information of the opposing players so that it can be of help to our team.”

Midfielder Park Ye-eun also plays a big role. Cho So-hyun (35, Tottenham Women) and Lee Young-joo (31, Madrid), who were a great help in the midfield, must fill the gaps. Park Ye-eun said, “Depending on the opponent, the tactics the coach envisions are different. I don’t know what role the coach will give me, but if there is a role the coach wants, I think it’s a player to do his best to fit that role.” We will do our best to help our team win.”

He has grown even more by bumping into great players. He, who also scored a goal in place of So-Hyeon Cho in the New Zealand match last year, said, “After moving to Brighton, I am experiencing playing with strong players in England.” I wanted to play my game in the game, and I think that led to the goal.”

Even in Brighton, there are not a few players who have been called up to the England national team. Park Ye-eun, who will face them, said, “We talked about where we will play together and our expectations ahead of the game.” did not

The fact that coach Bell is from England is also a reason for raising expectations for the first leg of the Arnold Clark Cup. As coach Bento led the victory over Portugal, the ‘Three Lions’ can be caught from the first game of the tournament. Park Ye-eun said, “The coach always likes high-intensity and fast football.” That’s why he always tells me to play fast passes and progressive football. We always try to create what our team needs,” he explained. 슬롯사이트

Local interest in this game is also hot. Tickets for the game are said to have already sold out. Cho So-hyun said, “I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of play our team will play with a better look than before in the crowd.”

It is all the more important because it is a competition to participate in ahead of the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup to be held in Australia-New Zealand in July. It is expected to be a valuable experience against strong players.

Cho So-hyun said, “There is not much time left (until the World Cup). I want to finish well during the remaining period and bring good results in the World Cup. I really want to break the best record set by the women’s national team.” I think we need to score a lot of goals. We will do our best to bring good results so that our team can score goals.”

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