“Liverpool sold small Minamino well… Possible return to EPL” England prospect

Reporter Lee Hyeon-min = “Liverpool’s deal was great.”

Japan national striker Takumi Minamino (27), who was expected to flap his wings after leaving Liverpool, is struggling at AS Monaco in Ligue 1, France.

Minamino left a mark, such as contributing to Liverpool’s cup victory, but was not coldly a starter. He was unable to overcome the wall of past ‘wives (Sadio Mane, Robert Firmino, Mohamed Salah)’.

He left Liverpool in June of last year and entered Monaco, but he is being criticized. Here, too, he was pushed to the bench. Liverpool.com, which specializes in Liverpool news, slashed Minamino.

The media said, “This Japanese player had a hard time getting into the starting lineup while working for Liverpool for two and a half years 토토사이트. He was pushed into a corner by Liverpool’s top team. In the Premier League, Minamino was overwhelmed by opposing defenders with his petite physique. He struggled on the physical side. He only played in the middle of the three-top,” he recalled.

“Liverpool sold Minamino to AS Monaco for 15 million euros (20 billion won). Many feel it was the right deal. Liverpool benefited slightly from the sale of a player who was underperforming. It was like moneyball. After six months, we are in an advantageous position.”

Minamino is walking downhill like this. But he also has the possibility of returning to the Premier League. The gift from Red Bull Salzburg continues to beckon. England’s Yorkshire Evening Post said, “Minamino met coach Jesse Marsh, whom he coached in Salzburg. He currently manages Leeds United. We had a conversation after the practice match between Monaco and Leeds at the end of last month. There is a possibility that Leeds will move on loan.” Attention is focusing on whether he will find a breakthrough after being pushed into a crisis.

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