Man Utd, De Gea + Maguire Horror Show eliminated UEL quarterfinals… Frustration with Spanish club for 6 consecutive seasons

Manchester United (hereafter Man United) was eliminated in the UEL quarterfinals after a horror show came out from behind.

On the 21st, Man United was defeated 0-3 in the second 스포츠토토 leg of the quarterfinals of the 2022-23 UEFA Europa League (hereinafter referred to as Europa League) against Ramon Sanche Pisjuan Sevilla in Seville, Spain. Manchester United, who had previously drawn 2-2 after a slugfest in the first leg, experienced the humiliation of being eliminated in the quarterfinals as they were frustrated in advancing to the finals for the first time in two seasons.

Manchester United suffered a disastrous blunder horror show by goalkeeper David de Gea and centre-back Harry Maguire, and suffered a complete defeat against Sevilla. With this, Man United continued the jinx of meeting the Spanish club team for the last six consecutive seasons and being eliminated from the European club competition. In addition, Manchester United failed to win again against Sevilla, and the official record became 2 draws and 3 losses. It is the formation of a terrible nemesis relationship.

On the contrary, Sevilla, the ‘King of Europa’, ran a five-game winning streak at home in the Europa League with an aggregate score of 5-2. Sevilla, who has the record of winning the Europa League all-time six times, defeated Dinamo Zagreb and West Ham in the round of 16 playoffs in the 2021-22 season, and PSV and Fenerbahce this season by calling them to Spain’s home stadium Ramon Sanchez Pisjuan. . Contrary to the sluggish league performance (13th place) by catching Manchester United, they continued their winning streak by advancing to the semifinals of the Europa League.

A bomb exploded in the rear, which was uneasy for Man Utd. On this day, Manchester United promoted bench members Maguire and Victor Lindelof as the main center backs as key players, central defenders Rafael Varane and Lisandro Martinez, left due to injuries in the first leg of the Europa League against Sevilla at home on the 14th. In addition, Bruno Fernandez, a key resource for the attack, could not come forward due to a cumulative warning.

In just a few minutes from the start of the match, Manchester United’s rear uneasiness risk exploded. At home, Sevilla put strong pressure on Manchester United’s defense from the attacking line. Then, in the 8th minute of the first half, Maguire returned a back pass to De Gea. Then, De Gea’s return pass went to Maguire again, and Sevilla, with three strikers pressing at the same time, finished the ball after Eric Lamela cut the ball off, and Youssef En Nesiri finished. It was a scene where Sevilla’s team pressure was successful, and at the same time, Maguire and De Gea’s uneasy defense were self-inflicted moments of conceding.

Even after that, Maguire and De Gea continued to look unsteady, showing a few more times where they couldn’t breathe more. At the same time, relay cameras captured scenes where Maguire almost crashed into a ball by running into it, or Maguire gestured to De Gea to send a ‘call sign’ to show his dissatisfaction.

Manchester United continued to try to score a comeback goal afterward, but it seldom came. Rather, after an uneasy defensive situation in the second half, Man United allowed additional consecutive goals and completely collapsed.

In the second half of the second half, in a corner kick situation, Sevilla’s Loic Bade connected a normal header, and the ball over De Gea’s height slammed into Manchester United’s net again. This scene was also not an obvious mistake by De Gea, but it was not a very difficult scene to defend, but it was Manchester United who allowed additional goals in vain.

In the 36th minute of the second half, Manchester United gave up the victory completely due to De Gea’s fatal error. Counterattack Situation A long pass came over from Seville. Hea, who was playing forward defense, made a ball trapping mistake while trying to deal with it at once, and it became a pass toward the opponent.

En Nesiri, the protagonist of the opening goal, calmly finished the ball rolling toward him toward the empty goal post vacated by De Gea, scoring Sevilla’s third goal. In the end, Man Utd conceded three goals on the away road and lost without doing anything.

Sevilla once again revived the memory of winning the championship by catching Manchester United in the UEL semifinals in the 2019-20 season and reaching the final. Sevilla, whose two coaches were sacked due to sluggishness this season, is only 13th in the league, far from European competition, but if they win the Europa League, they can advance to the UCL immediately.

Conversely, Manchester United, which is competing fiercely within the 4th place in the Premier League, finished the Europa League schedule with great worries about the risk of leaving the main defense and de Gea’s anxiety and poor performance. ‘’, a site specializing in football statistics, gave a very low rating of 5.2 points for Hea and 5.7 points for Maguire after showing a disastrous performance after the game.

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