“Mental is also skill”, the bitter voice of the ‘blue blood legend’ towards the juniors who lost 6 times in a row 

“If you go through the spring camp, there will be many good results…”

6 consecutive losses in practice matches. The coaches and coaches said it was okay because it was the process of building a team, but the players felt intimidated. Park Han-yi (44), coach of the Samsung Lions, who became the “eternal Samsung man” who came to teach juniors, expressed regret.

In an interview after training at Akama Ball Park in Onna-son, Okinawa, Japan on the 3rd, coach Park Han-i said, “The results are not coming out, but it is running well.” “I’ll slowly get better once I get into the demonstration game.”

Samsung is on a losing streak in the practice game held in Japan. It is difficult to put much meaning in the results with the Japanese teams who improve their physical condition early, but the atmosphere worsened both internally and externally after losing the recent KIA Tigers and Lotte Giants matches. However, coach Park ordered the players to open their shoulders proudly.

Coach Park said, “I don’t tend to order a lot of players, but the players who have something to fix from the timing have been changing little by little from the finish camp until now.” There is also such a thing. You have to think positively while creating a good image for yourself, but it seems that the players feel sorry and feel intimidated when the results do not come out.”

Coach Park, who only played for Samsung throughout 19 seasons of his active career, is a ‘legend’ of Samsung with a career batting average of 0.294, 2174 hits, 146 home runs, 906 RBIs and 1211 runs, and has won as many as seven championship rings. After his somewhat uneven retirement, he left the team, but fans waited for Samsung Legends to return to the field, and last year he returned to the field as the coach of his own team.

Coach Park Han-yi went through twists and turns during his active career, but eventually contributed to the construction of the dynasty. However, Samsung today has changed a lot since then. After the collapse of the dynasty, I had not experienced fall baseball for five consecutive years, and I wondered if it would rebound enough to go to the tie-break (1st place match) in 2021, but it fell back to 7th last year.

Returning as a coach with the special mission of rebuilding the dynasty, he showed potential as a leader as well. He has been recognized for his ability as a hitting coach, although for a short period of time, such as the team batting average rebounding to 0.301 after being called up to the first team in August last year. He thinks that he has to endure hard times in order to make greater progress. That’s why I hope that the players will endure the current difficult process with a positive mind. “I emphasize to laugh and enjoy at the baseball field. Spring camp is a difficult time,” he said. 토토사이트

He continued, “A difficult hurdle can come at any time. I hope you show a lot of smiles. When a team doesn’t do defense or offense, you get depressed, but if you express it, you harm your teammates.” It’s skill. You need to know how to hide things that are difficult and down so that the team can run well.

Senior players such as Kang Min-ho (38) and Oh Tae-gon (32) are taking on the role of mood makers. Coach Park said, “If the team atmosphere is low, they shout out fighting and the seniors also try to have fun, so I hope the players below follow suit.” It should be a source of energy,” he said.

Samsung’s forced march continues. On this day, the Japanese professional baseball (NPB) traditional powerhouse, the Yomiuri Giants, will clash. The opponent started with Tomoyuki Sugano, one of the best pitchers in Japan who won the Sawamura Award for two consecutive years. The key question is whether Samsung players can overcome the situation with a positive mindset as coach Park ordered.

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