‘Messi number 10’ was also taken over… Falling into a scapegoat for ‘preserving the salary’

Barcelona are considering selling Ansu Fati.

Barcelona acquired some of the biggest players in the transfer market last summer. At a time when there were no spectators due to Corona, Barcelona suffered huge financial losses than other clubs, but reinforcement of players came first. At the time of the transfer market last summer, Barcelona signed Jules Kunde and Rafinha, as well as world-class striker Robert Lewandowski, and showed an unstoppable move.

Lewandowski, who moved to Barcelona, ​​is performing as expected. At Barcelona this season, Lewandowski is the league’s leading scorer with 13 goals.

He also risked his life to keep winger Ousmane Dembele. Dembele, whose transfer market contract expired last summer, looked for another team, but the transfer was unsuccessful due to the high wage, and eventually signed a new contract with Barcelona at the request of Barcelona coach Xavi.

Barcelona want to keep Lewandowski and Dembele. As a result, I needed to afford it financially, and I am trying to sell other players. According to José Alvarez of Spanish media ‘El Chiringito’, “Barcelona are not happy with Ansu Fati’s performance 토토사이트. Accordingly, in order to cover the salaries of Lewandowski and Dembele, the party was put up for sale.”

Partey has grown into a promising talent after going through Barcelona youth. He made his professional debut in September 2020 by moving up to the first team from the Barcelona B team. He brought his freshness that season with 4 goals and 1 assist in 7 appearances, but injuries hampered the rest of the season. The following year, in the 2021-22 season, he only played 10 games due to injury. He is playing in 16 games this season, but has been pushed out of the starting lineup. Lionel Messi left for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and the party took over the symbolic number 10, but it is showing a performance below expectations.

Recently, he has been linked with Manchester United. According to the British media ‘The Sun’, since 2020, Manchester United has been interested in signing the party, and the interest continues even now. Party’s next destination has not been confirmed, but the possibility of going to England is gradually increasing. The party’s future is becoming unclear due to Barcelona’s plans to protect high-level resources such as Lewandowski and Dembele.

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