MLB secretly lifts punishment for former Atlanta general manager Bae Ji-hwan who cheated on contract

Former Atlanta Braves general manager John Copporrella, who was subject to permanent expulsion for violating the rules in the process of contracting foreign amateur players, including Bae Ji-hwan, has been lifted.

Citing multiple sources on the 9th, ‘The Athletic’ reported that Corporella had recently been pardoned by the Major League Secretariat for permanent expulsion.

In November 2017, Coporella was suspended for life by Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred. Between 2015 and 2017, it was a problem that the rules were violated in the process of recruiting foreign amateur players.

At that time, the Braves signed a contract with a player for a lower down payment than the amount originally agreed upon, and in the process of signing a player who obtained the qualification of an “overseas professional player” who was not subject to this regulation and avoided exceeding the down payment limit, inflated the down payment to the player with this amount. He was caught doing a ‘trick’ to reward his students.

At the time, the league secretariat invalidated the contracts of players recruited using this expedient. Bae Ji-hwan’s contract with the Braves was canceled as a result of this action, and he eventually signed with the Pittsburgh Pirates. 토토사이트

In the major leagues, pardons for permanent expulsion are not uncommon, but they are not uncommon either. Former Yankees owner George Steinbrenner, now deceased, was punished for permanent expulsion by then commissioner Fay Vincent in 1990, but returned three years later. Conversely, there are cases where the secretariat does not respond to persistent requests for pardon, such as Pete Rose.

The League Secretariat explained the reason for the pardon by conveying a statement to the media saying, “He showed remorse and reflected other responses related to this incident.”

“I deeply regret my actions and feel responsible for my actions,” Corporella said in a statement to the media. Once again, I want to apologize to the Braves, MLB, the fans, and to my family and friends. We welcome the decision to pardon this time, and we will work hard every day to make use of this opportunity.”

The Athletic says his suspension has been lifted, but it’s unclear if he’ll ever get a chance in baseball again. Currently, he is said to be working for a residential rental company in South Carolina.

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