Moon Doo-sik inaugurated as the 17th president of the Anseong-si Football Association…”I will make a happy association”

President Moon Doo-sik was elected as the head of the Anseong-si Football Association, which will lead the Anseong-si football in the future.

On the 10th, at a wedding hall located in Anseong, Gyeonggi-do, the 16th and 17th Anseong City Football Association presidents were inaugurated, and Moon Du-sik, the 17th Football Association president, was inaugurated and announced the launch of a new executive branch.

Chairman Baek Nak-in, who served as the 15th and 16th president, ran for the 2nd civil election Anseong City Sports Association president, and was elected as the Anseong City Football Association  president  in recognition of his ability. In earnest, as the head of the Anseong City Football Association, he worked hard to develop Anseong’s football. 

Chairman Moon Doo-shik  served in various positions, including Deputy Secretary General of the Anseong City Football Association, Secretary General of the Juksan-myeon Sports Association, Director of the Anseong City Sports Association   ,  President of the Juksan-myeon Sports Association, and Vice President of the Anseong City Football Association 안전놀이터. . In his inaugural address, Chairman Moon Doo-sik expressed his determination, “Based on the know-how that has been running for the development of Anseong-si football for a long time, I will work hard to become a football association where Anseong-si footballers can enjoy football and increase their happiness index.” On the other hand, on this day, the Anseong City Football Association confirmed the main executive departments of the Football Association, including Chairman Moon, and entered into full-fledged Football Association work in 2023. 

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