Moon Jung-won’s ‘National Team Dream’… “It’s thrilling and exciting”

 A player who has been active in a club for a long time is called a ‘franchise star’ or a ‘one-club man’.

The Korea Expressway Corporation’s high-pass volleyball team also has a ‘perfect player’, and Moon Jeong-won (31) is the main character.

Moon Jung-won was nominated by the Korea Expressway 카지노사이트 Corporation in the 4th place in the 2nd round of the V-League in 2011. And after the 2022-23 season, fans were full of interest in Moon Jung-won’s move, which became ‘FA qualification’.

However, Moon Jeong-won’s choice was also ‘romance’. On the 19th, he renewed his contract with the team for a contract period of 3 years and an annual salary of 250 million won, continuing his journey as a ’12-year franchise star’.

On the 18th, ‘Sport TV News’ had an exclusive interview with Moon Jeong-won at the Korea Expressway Corporation High Pass Volleyball Team’s practice field in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

When asked about his current situation after the season ended, Moon Jung-won said, “I think the only time I rested properly was the weekend. I barely made time to see my parents on weekdays and see my niece and nephew, so I spent time like that.”

In the 2022-2023 season V-League championship match, Korea Expressway Corporation won the championship by winning a reverse sweep (loss, loss, victory, victory) against Heungkuk Life Insurance. It was a result close to a ‘miracle’. In the history of the V-League, there was no case of reversing after giving away the 1st and 2nd games first. Korea Expressway Corporation has realized a miracle by taking on the ‘0% challenge’.

Moon Jeong-won said, “Probably, all the players knew that our team was difficult. But what we all said together was ‘Let’s enjoy’ and ‘Let’s not give up’. When I think about it now, it was still an incredible game, right? I think so,” he recalled.

As expected, the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of Moon Jeong-won is ‘Spike Serve’. It is to run from near the billboard in the left corner of the court and deliver a strong serve toward the opponent’s court.

He explained, “When I was in school, I saw ‘Senior Sister’, and she looked really good. She said, ‘That older sister is a white cotton player.” At the same time, he smiled and said, “Mokhwa unnie jokingly says, ‘You’re better at it.’

When asked about the ‘closing help’ motion unique to the serve, he explained simply and clearly that it was “preparatory work to build strength.” Regarding the expression ‘sub-cutting craftsman’, he smiled and said, “A craftsman cutting a serve? Oh~ It’s nice to hear that craftsman is good at something.”

Through his outstanding performance in the league, he was selected as the ‘National Team’. However, what surprised Moon Jeong-won more than the news of his selection was the fact that he was selected for the ‘Libero’ position.

Moon Jeong-won said, “(Before the announcement of the list), I had a phone call with coach Cesar. What he wanted was a ‘receiving libero’. He said, ‘Among domestic players, aren’t you good at receiving?’ He said,” he said.

Then he replied, “‘I’m really grateful, but it’s burdensome. It’s a position I’ve never played before, and no matter how good I receive (as a libero), it’s going to be difficult.” He said positively, so I entered the national team.”

The women’s volleyball team selected this time is looking at the ‘2022 Hangzhou Asian Games (AG)’ scheduled to be held in September this year. Moon Jeong-won’s expression reminded me of the scene of being active in AG.

Moon Jung-won said, “I went to AG with Kim Yeon-kyung once. At that time, just being in the warm-up zone and playing volleyball with her older sisters was also amazing.” She said, “But when I imagine ‘I’m in the court’, my heart beats and I feel like I’m going to have a good time.”

This is Moon Jeong-won, who always practices ‘fan love’. He delivered a ‘sincere message’ to his fans. She was full of words of gratitude and affection.

“When I meet the fans at the stadium, I try to sign autographs and take pictures for them in a short time. Thank you so much.

“I am always grateful, and thanks to that support, our team’s performance last season was good. The players often say, ‘I feel good’ thanks to that support. I hope the fans are always healthy and happy. Next season, too. Thank you for your support.”

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