“Motivation sure”

NC Dinos’ biggest offseason homework is ‘filling the void of Yang Eui-ji’. First of all, the concept of spring camp is ‘injury tactics’. Four catchers (Park Se-hyeok, Park Dae-on, Ahn Joong-yeol, and Kwon Jeong-woong) are competing fiercely.

In NC, Yang Eui-ji (36, Doosan Bears) left the team in November of last year. Yang Eui-ji, the national team hostess, exercised her second free agent (FA) right and signed a 4+2 year, up to 15.2 billion won contract with Doosan, her “parent team.” The departure of Yang Eui-ji, who served as the main catcher for four years after signing as a free agent in December 2018, is a significant minus factor.

NC’s offseason focus was also ‘catcher’. Two days after Yang Eui-ji’s transfer was announced, NC recruited Park Se-hyuk as a free agent. Park Se-hyeok was Doosan’s main catcher, but with Yang Eui-ji recruited, Doosan’s retention was unclear. NC caught Park Se-hyeok by presenting a maximum of 4.6 billion won (down payment of 1.8 billion won, total annual salary of 2.4 billion won, incentive of 400 million won) for 4 years. NC’s home improvement did not stop here. Infielder Noh Jin-hyeok, who transferred to the Lotte Giants as a free agent, chose catcher Ahn Joong-yeol as a compensation player. In fact, he went all-in on strengthening the depth of the catchers. Four players, including existing members Park Dae-on and Kwon Jung-woong, are currently digesting the Arizona camp in the United States.

Battery coach Kim Jong-min, who leads the training, said, “The four catchers, who are clearly motivated in a new team and new environment, digested the first turn (training) with enthusiasm.” Turn trained with a focus on awakening his condition and senses. It was all competitive, but he was full of energy in a fun atmosphere.” In NC, 11 coaching staff and 43 players, including coach Kang In-kwon, are holding a camp with a schedule of ‘3 days training – 1 day rest’ from February. 스포츠토토

The most interesting position is the catcher. With Park Se-hyeok as the main catcher, it is an atmosphere where three players are competing for a backup spot. Coincidentally, Park Dae-on, Ahn Joong-yeol, and Kwon Jung-woong all have one thing in common: defense is their strength rather than offense. Park Dae-on and Ahn Jung-yeol, who graduated from Whimoon High School and Busan High School, are the same age, born in 1995. The first group career is similar. Kwon Jung-woong was recruited after being announced as a waiver by the Samsung Lions in September of last year. It was a mission that was not easy to fill the void of Yang Eui-ji, but the players were in harmony. We expect synergies from competition.

Coach Kim Jong-min is sweating hard while training with the four players. Coach Kim said, “This camp’s catcher part aims to understand the characteristics of our team’s pitchers. As there are many new players for both pitchers and catchers, it is first to identify our team’s pitchers.” We will have a conversation about the pitching theme of the day, and after the pitching is over, we plan to accumulate data by taking notes on the characteristics we have identified. I hope that we will have a healthy competition without injuries in this camp.”

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