‘Museung Rookie King’ side story… A rookie in his second year, who will rise to the top first?

If the first year was busy adapting, the second year is the time to open up a full-fledged game. The fierce competition of new players in the 2022 season, which seemed to be close to winning, will be worth watching in the new season.

In the final round of the PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship of the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, which ended on the 18th, it was none other than Go Ji-woo (20), who was in his second year, who pressed Lee Jung-min (30).

Although it is a conclusion, no one could have predicted how the game would turn out even if the tee shot had not fallen into the penalty area in the last hole 18 (par 5) of the final round, which was two strokes behind Lee Jung-min. Last season, Lee Jung-min pushed ahead with a hot long hit that shined in the 5th place in driving distance. It was thanks to Ko Ji-woo’s hot play that kept his hands sweaty until the end of the game.

Golfers who watched the KLPGA tour last season with even a little interest would have heard the name Go Ji-woo. Since the first year of the regular tour, he has participated in 29 competitions and entered the top 10 six times. He proved his skills by climbing to the top of the KG·Edaily Ladies Open and Kyochon Honey Ladies Open.

It’s not just Go Ji Woo. Although it collapsed after losing 8 strokes in the final round, Madasom (23) was tied for the lead in the first round of the PLK Pacific Rings Korea Championship. At the Hana Financial Group Singapore Women’s Open held in Singapore just before the tournament, she ranked 18th.

Ko Ji-woo and Madasom 토토사이트 fiercely competed for the rookie of the year with Lee Ye-won (19), the rookie of the year. Lee Ye-won was honored by breaking through 3,000 rookie points, but Ko Ji-woo in second place and Madasom in third place also showed steady growth throughout the season.

Kwon Seo-yeon (21), who placed 4th in Rookie of the Year points, was also silently strong. Kwon Seo-yeon, who was runner-up at the Nexen Saint Nine Masters and the Korean Women’s Open, earned more prize money than the second and third place. She means that she consistently produced grades without missing the cut.

National team standing guard Kim Min-joo (20) also made a deep impression by recording birdies in seven consecutive holes at the Celltrion Queen’s Masters last June. He was recognized for his potential by entering the top 10 three times. Seo Eo-jin (21) missed seeding last season by ranking 61st in prize money, but came back up through the seeding match and raised expectations by ranking third at the Pacific Rings Korea Championship, the first tournament he participated in in the 2023 season.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Rookie of the Year Lee Ye-won (19) won the championship right away. After Jang Eun-soo in 2017, in 5 years, she became the ‘Mu-seung rookie king’, but she only did not win, and Lee Ye-won played so hard that it was difficult to see her as a rookie.

She broke into the gap among the outstanding seniors who won the championship and rose to third place in her prize money ranking (849.784 million won), revealing her prominence. She is also good at playing, but has a poker face that doesn’t show much change in expression even under pressure, giving her a less rookie-like appearance. She is by far the number one candidate for the championship among rookies in the 2022 season.

If you look at the rookies in the 2022 season, they are all talented. After adapting to the tour for a year, they showed their sharp teeth in Singapore and Vietnam. The second-year players are preparing to reveal their true colors.