Neymar “Mbappe, thinks he is a god” in the criticism → ‘Like’

Following the incident of Lionel Messi’s ‘training without permission’, an uncomfortable relationship between Neymar and Kylian Mbappe was detected this time.

French media Requipe reported on the 6th (Korean time) that “Neymar, who has recently been criticized by PSG fans, liked the video of him shooting teammate Mbappe.”

Recently카지노사이트, Neymar has become a target for PSG fans. Some fans even went to Neymar’s house and sang “Neymar get out!”

Neymar, one of PSG’s greatest stars, suffered ligament damage in his right ankle during a game last February and was on the operating table. He was ruled out for the season as he was expected to need three to four months to return to the field.

PSG, without Neymar, was eliminated by Bayern Munich in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. When he failed to win the European championship again, fans erupted in anger at Neymar, who had not been able to lead the European championship in PSG for six years. 

Of course, there were fans who defended Neymar. They argued that Mbappe, not Neymar, was at fault, and that they had misplaced the blame.

A fan defending Neymar claimed on social media, “PSG is the worst team in recent years. Why? Because they renewed their own prince (Mbappe) for a huge amount.”

He raised the level of criticism of Mbappe, saying, “The prince who, instead of giving Neymar an easy pass, passed to the Munich goalkeeper and knocked PSG out of the Champions League round of 16. He now thinks he is a god.”

Mbappe signed a renewal contract with PSG until 2025 in a situation where the summer contract was about to expire in May of last year. In return for the contract extension, Mbafe promised to receive 60 million euros (approximately 88.6 billion won) from PSG for basic annual salary alone.

The fan pointed out that PSG fans defend Mbappe, the best star in France, and pass the blame on to foreign players, and Neymar liked this post and drew attention.

Recently, there was a commotion in PSG due to Messi’s unauthorized training incident. Even though Messi had a training schedule, it became controversial when he left for Saudi Arabia without the club’s permission and served as a public relations ambassador.

Eventually, on the 6th, Messi delivered an apology to the fans and the club through a video. PSG punished Messi for not attending training without permission, including a two-week ban on training and actual combat, and suspension of salary payments for the same period.

The so-called ‘MNM’ line, composed of Messi, Neymar and Mbafe, has emerged as the best striker in Europe, scoring many goals.

However, it is expected that Messi will be disbanded sooner or later as Messi, whose contract is about to expire, is disciplined for not attending training without permission, and Neymar indirectly expresses his dissatisfaction with Mbafe.

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