Night training that resonates at night in Shintanjin, Ginseng Corp.’s fighting spirit and passion melt

Near midnight, at the KGC Ginseng Corporation training center located in Sintanjin, Daejeon, the sound of bouncing volleyballs is endless. It is the sound of the players training at night.

The night training, which is voluntarily conducted by players who are aware of the recent lengthy losing streak, and the night training, which started mainly with some veteran players and rotation members, are gathered by one or two and now most of the players are conducting night training. Their tenacity and passion were great.

Night training led by the players’ voluntary will without instructions from the coaches and coaches, and the coaches also followed the passion of the players. It presents a curriculum to players and conducts a night training program suitable for it. The training for each position, from middle blocker, outside hitter, setter, and libero, consists of supplementing parts that did not work well in the existing training.  바카라사이트

In this night training, new tactics that have not been used before are also being melted. Using Hansongi as an outside heater in the last game against Pepper Savings Bank is also a tactical method created in training. That’s how the team is becoming one through night training.

Players also say that night training is a great help in improving their skills. Jeong Ho-young said, “Since I don’t have much time, I train by part, but in my case, middle blocker breathing is of great help.” Lee So-young explained, “The players to train train, and the players to receive treatment receive treatment at that time. The players are moving as one.”

Coach Goh Hee-jin, who was watching the passion and fighting spirit of the players at the training ground, had a hearty smile on her face. Coach Goh said, “When I see the passion and fighting spirit of the players in training, I am happy as a coach with them. Now, there is a more serious ranking battle, but I will not be pushed back and all the players and coaching staff will fight together as one.” 

Ginseng Corporation’s fighting spirit and passion for spring volleyball, which is felt during voluntary night training, and their sweat will bear fruit as flowers blooming in spring.

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