‘No assault charges’ vs ‘There was no conviction’…Intensifying conflict within Manchester United

Opinions are divided within Manchester United over Mason Greenwood’s future.

The Manchester Public Prosecutor’s Office announced on its official website on the 2nd (Korean time) that “a criminal case against a 21-year-old man, who has been under investigation since January 2022, has been suspended as of today.” The 21-year-old man referred to here is Greenwood, a Manchester United prospect.

Greenwood has been regarded as a key player for Manchester United’s future since his youth. He grew steadily through the Manchester United youth academy, and was designated as the next-generation star of Manchester United with his free-footed ability, neat positioning, and goal-making ability that did not match his age. 카지노사이트

However, Greenwood was arrested in January 2022 for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Afterwards, Greenwood disappeared from his football world. A year after the incident, Greenwood was granted bail and stayed out of prison, but he was not seen at United’s training ground. Manchester United have also suspended Greenwood.

A return to Manchester United would have been impossible if the conviction had been handed down, but for now it is neither one nor the other. United immediately released a statement saying, “We take note of the Prosecutor’s Office’s decision that all charges against Greenwood have been dropped. The club will now proceed with its own process before deciding on next steps and will not comment further.”

Even within Manchester United, it is known that there is a conflict of opinions over what to do with Greenwood. Britain’s ‘Guardian’ said on the 3rd, “

Although there has been no conviction, it seems that there is a conflict between the opinion that a player who has committed a criminal act should not be held back by the club, and that he can play as a player again because he has not been convicted.

Because it is a serious matter, Manchester United has entered an internal process led by Richard Arnold, the club’s CEO. The Guardian will “consider the potential commercial impact of bringing Greenwood back, how the situation will affect the Manchester United brand, and how it is perceived by global partners who are watching the situation.” Explained.

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