No help to the team… “Arsenal, if you want to win, send him out”

Rob Holding is not helpful for Arsenal.

Unlike 메이저놀이터‘expectations’ before the opening, Arsenal is challenging to win this season. Since the opening, it has not let go of the first place until now. Of course, as we lost against Manchester City last time, hopes for winning the title diminished, but compared to before, it is clearly visible that we have grown.

Coach Mikel Arteta’s tactical side is also outstanding, but the players’ skills also played an important role in the upward trend. Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko, newly joined this season, quickly became ‘aces’, and Martin Odegaard grew into the world’s best playmaker. Bukayo Saka and Gabriel Martinelli also led the team’s offense, recording individual career highs. The performance of defenders such as William Saliba, Gabriel Magalyangis and Ben White cannot be left out.

But not all players did well. In particular, the skills of players who are not the main players are below expectations. Holding is a typical example. Holding behind Magalyang and Saliba has only 23 appearances this season. Even in early and mid-March, he only played 7 league games.

He rose to the starting lineup against Crystal Palace. Not because his skills improved, but because Saliba left due to an injury. Until the last match against Man City, Holding recorded six full-time appearances in a row.

However, his performance was not good. Holding every game exposed the back space with unstable defensive power and provided an excuse for conceding points. In the last match against Manchester City, he failed to mark Erling Haaland properly and was pointed out as the culprit behind the 4-run loss.

Charles Watts of the global football media ‘’ also spat bitter words against Holding. He recommended letting him go, saying “if you want to go to a higher level, you shouldn’t give up to Holding next season.”

“I don’t mean to disparage him. He was a great player at Arsenal, but it’s time to move on. Against Man City, Holding could not stop Haaland at all. Arsenal’s performance suffered greatly after Saliba’s injury and his inclusion in the starting lineup. It is undeniable that he did. Especially under Arteta, the shortcomings of holding are clearly revealed.”

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