“Now, now!” Kim Yeon-kyung’s ‘Sister Leadership’ fills the director’s vacancy

As always, this one word becomes reality like magic. He filled the vacancy of the director with ‘Sister Leadership’ and followed closely behind No. 1 Hyundai Engineering & Construction.

This is reporter Oh Seon-min.


< Hyundai Engineering & Construction 0:3 Heungkuk Life Insurance|Pro Volleyball V-League (Yesterday) >

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which has been leading the way all the way, allowed a deuce with a series of concessions.

[Kim Yeon-kyung/Heungkuk Life Insurance: Hey, you knew it would be difficult. You knew it would be difficult. now is now! We have to overcome it!]

This shout magically changed the flow of the game, and the power of a word poured out like a spell in about 5 seconds was great throughout this season.

[Kim Yeon-kyung/Heungkuk Life Insurance: We have to score with a blocking counterattack. Don’t be complacent when defending.] While not

sparing sharp advice,

[Because it’s a deep angle. Prepare more and catch them.]

[Kim Yeon-kyung/Heungkuk Life Insurance: The defense is really nice!]

I took care of the juniors who were shaken in difficult moments.

Kim Yeon-kyung’s ‘Sister Leadership’, which brought the team together, made Heungkuk Life Insurance, which stayed in 6th place last season, grow terribly.

It shined even more in the unprecedented situation in which three leaders put down the baton in succession. 안전놀이터

[Kim Yeon-kyung/Heungkuk Life Insurance: It is true that we are having difficulties. I think the players feel responsible and prepare for the game.]

The best moment to eliminate the difference in points with leading Hyundai E&C and leave only one game to come from behind.

Kim Yeon-kyung did not forget her friends off the court who suffered from the earthquake.

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