‘Odds 1st vs 3rd’ Tampa Bay laughed ‘Mcclanahan Perfect’

The Tampa Bay Rays, the overwhelming leader, overpowered the Baltimore Orioles in a game that drew great attention with the fight for third place with the overall win rate leader in the major leagues.

Tampa Bay had an away game against Baltimore at Camden Yards located in Baltimore, Maryland, USA on the 9th (hereinafter Korean time).

On this day, 메이저사이트Tampa Bay won 3-0 thanks to ace Shane McClanahan’s 6 scoreless innings, 7 strikeouts, and Josh Lowe’s home run.

As a result, Tampa Bay recorded a win rate of 29-7 and 0.806 so far. It’s been a month since the opening, but they haven’t lost 10 games yet.

On the other hand, Baltimore, which recently suffered three consecutive losses, recorded a 22-13 win rate of 0.629. Baltimore is having a tough schedule meeting Tampa Bay following the Atlanta Braves.

Tampa Bay kept McClanahan’s two-run homer from Lowe until the sixth inning, and added one run to Wander Franco’s double hit in the seventh. 2-0 lead.

In the ninth inning, with Tampa Bay leading 2-0, Luke Reilly hit Baltimore reliever Keegan Aiken with one run and ran away to 3-0. This home run virtually sealed the victory.

On the Tampa Bay mound, Colin Poche, Kevin Kelly, and Jason Adams threw after McClanahan retired, neutralizing Baltimore’s batting line. They won holds and saves.

Mcclanahan, who won, recorded 7 wins and an ERA of 1.76. As a result, McLanahan emerged as a strong Cy Young Award candidate.

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