‘Oh Ji-hwan’s anger explosion?’ The bat was thrown into pieces, was it only because of the referee’s dissatisfaction? 

Was it dissatisfaction with the judgment? Was it a message to the players? Or was it both? Oh Ji-hwan (33), captain of the LG Twins, lost his temper during the game and slammed the bat into pieces on the ground.

LG Twins 안전놀이터and KIA Tigers will face off in the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul at 5 pm on the 29th.

On this day, Oh Ji-hwan started as the third hitter and shortstop. While LG gave KIA one run first in the first inning, Oh Ji-hwan took his first at-bat at the end of the first inning with one out and first base opportunity. Anderson is the starting pitcher for the KIA. Oh Ji-hwan, who picked out the low ball well in the first pitch, also picked out the high ball outside the second pitch without difficulty.

With the ball count in favor of 2-0, Anderson’s outside fastball on the third pitch was ruled a strike. And he pushed a high ball outside on the 4th pitch, but the ball was caught in the warning track of the left fielder.

LG gave another 1 point in the 2nd inning and was dragged to 0-2, and starter Kang Hyo-jong was beaten early. In the third inning, he tried to counterattack by putting Lee Woo-chan on the mound. However, Lee Woo-chan was beaten by Hwang Dae-in with a two-run gun, and the score widened to 0-4, 4 points.

And at the end of the 3rd inning, LG attacked. After two outs, Moon Seong-joo got a hit, and Oh Ji-hwan came to the plate. Oh Ji-hwan threw a check ball with first base before Anderson threw the first ball. Anderson, who changed the ball, threw a high fastball, causing Oh Ji-hwan to swing wrong. and the second pitch. This time, Anderson’s fastball (149km) pierced Oh Ji-hwan’s high body. At this time, Oh Ji-hwan was seen talking with Ham Ji-woong (38), the umpire, about the ball decision.

and the third pitch. On Anderson’s 140km drop, Oh Ji-hwan made a big mistake with his bat. Strike out on three pitches. Immediately after, Oh Ji-hwan threw the bat hard into the ground and showed an impatient appearance. When the bat didn’t break the first time, he hit it on the ground again and broke it.

Sometimes you can see the players expressing their emotions on the ground. It could be anger towards someone, or it could be towards oneself. This can also be seen as part of baseball.

Then why couldn’t Oh Ji-hwan hold back his anger? Maybe it was because of his dissatisfaction with the strike zone judgment. In this case, referee Ham Ji-woong could have sent off immediately. However, referee Ham, who has been in his 12th year of refereeing, did not take any action. If so, was it a sign of dissatisfaction with Oh Ji-hwan himself? What message was he or he trying to convey to the team or to someone else?

Commentator Oh Jae-won, a former Doosan Bears legend, who was in charge of relaying the game that day, laughed and said, “I can’t help but say something about Oh Ji-hwan’s behavior, but I’m having fun.” It could have been a one-ball strike, but it became a two-strike, and then I struck out right away.”

“Moreover, (Oh Ji-hwan) is the captain and it was the timing for the game to pass 2 games in a row,” he said. “There will be a message to the players. He handed over the game the day before (28th). It seems that he is trying to save the fire of the fire.” Commentator Oh Jae-won was also famous as a player who expressed his emotions more honestly than anyone else on the ground during his active career. Sometimes, he had a war of words with the referee, but recently Commissioner Oh confidently expressed his opinion, saying, “This part is also the fun and spectacle of baseball.”

The fourth inning followed. KIA took the second base chance safely. Han Seung-taek took off his bat while trying to bunt the second pitch. At this time, Park Dong-won, who received the pitch, threw a powerful check throw straight toward second base. Regarding this, Commissioner Oh said, “Oh Ji-hwan and Park Dong-won. This can also be seen as a willingness not to give up the game easily.”

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