Park Joo-young, a high school colleague who plays in K5, “My dream is to win the K5 and participate in the FA Cup”

An alumni who spent school days with Ulsan Hyundai playing coach Park Joo-young dreams of winning the K5 League.

On the 14th,메이저놀이터 the 2023 season K5 Incheon Regional League 3rd round match between Seogot SM in Seo-gu, Incheon and Ganseok FC in Namdong-gu, Incheon was held at Songdo LNG Auxiliary Stadium in Incheon. Seogot SM won 7-5 against Ganseok FC with a 4-2-3-1 formation.

Nam Hyeon-seong, who started as a right fullback, is a ‘selection (former player)’ who took an elite course. During his high school days, he also played with Park Joo-young at the prestigious Daegu Cheonggu High School. Afterwards, he went through Sungkyunkwan University and joined Daegu FC. He played an active part in the Gimpo Citizen Football Club (now Gimpo FC) and the Gyeongju Citizen Football Team, but retired at an early age due to injury.

Nam Hyun-seong said, “(Park) Joo-young has been overwhelmingly good since high school. Thanks to Joo-young, Cheonggu High School won several competitions,” he recalled. He continued, “Joo-young was close with all of his seniors and juniors. He was a playful friend,” he said, “and his skills were so superior. I learned from watching soccer next to Joo-young.”

Nam Hyun-seong is the oldest in the team. Regarding the secret to playing as a key player among young players, he said, “I teach soccer to students in middle school. While training with his students, he consistently maintained his physical and stamina. He particularly cares about building up his stamina,” he explained.

The team goal is also clear. Nam Hyeon-seong said, “Two years ago, our team, Seogot SM, participated in the FA Cup. At that time, I was stimulated and started the season with the goal of participating in the FA Cup every year. This year, the goal is to win the K5 League and win the FA Cup. I want to become a player who helps the team, regardless of whether I participate or not.” If Seogot SM participates in the FA Cup, there is a possibility that it will arithmetically face off against Park Joo-young’s team, Ulsan.

Seojok SM has steadily promoted since the K5, 6, and 7 division leagues were launched. Starting with K7 in the first season, he went up to K6 and then K5. He won the K5 championship in the 2021 season and ranked 4th in the 2022 season. Although some players who were key last season left the team and a power leak occurred, they sweat heavily with the common goal of participating in the FA Cup.

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