PK canceled twice, 2-0 win… Manager Park Dong-hyuk, “It seems to be a signal to go up”

“I was lucky. I felt it was a signal to go up.”

Chungnam Asan won Seongnam FC 2-0 in the 16th round of the Hana One Q K League 2 2023 held at Yi Sun-shin Sports Complex on the 3rd at 6:30 pm. With this, Chungnam-Asan has 18 points and is in 9th place. Seongnam maintained 7th place.메이저놀이터

In the first half, Chungnam Asan had the upper hand in the midfield fight, but failed to create any significant opportunities. Then Kim Seung-ho scored and took the lead. At the beginning of the second half, Seongnam, who changed midfield, struggled, but did not concede. The fact that the penalty kick (PK) was canceled in the second half after the first half was a source of strength for Chungnam Asan.

The difference was widened as substitute Go Mo-yeol scored a goal. After Gomuyeol’s goal, Chungnam-Asan pressed Seongnam, who was in a hurry, riding the flow. In the end, the match ended with a 2-0 victory for Chungnam-Asan.

[Director Park Dong-hyuk press conference Q&A]

  • Overall,

it was a difficult situation. The will of the players and the preparation process were really good this week. That part came out on the field and I was able to win. The understanding of tactical changes was particularly satisfactory. It was also good that it ended without a loss. Won all matches without sending off (2nd round robin standard). I wish it had more cohesion. Looking at it from afar, I want them to run towards a higher rank. I hope that from today, we will become one team and continue to be united.

Congratulations to Kim Seung-ho, who scored his debut goal, and Ko Moo-yeol, who scored a goal after a long time. Having multiple players score goals is a positive thing. Scores are not concentrated on one player, but when several players explode, it becomes the vitality of the team. I want it to keep going.

  • Gomu-yeol finally scored a goal.

You will feel more comfortable than me. I put a lot of effort and preparation myself, but I must have felt that my body wasn’t coming up like my heart. As a player who can continue to be expected with today’s score, I hope that Ko Moo-yeol’s name will shine as he goes on to become a better player.

  • You beat Seongnam in the midfield battle, how did you prepare?

I tried to gain a midfield fighting advantage by increasing the number of midfielders. Fortunately, the content was good and there were results. A PK situation occurred and I saw the VAR twice, but fortunately it was canceled. got a lot of luck He felt it was a sign to go up. I have gained a lot of income in many ways.

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