‘PK Judo with 1 goal and 1 help, 10th goal in fantastic turning shooting’.. Um Won-sang – Joo Min-gyu, side by side in front of Klinsman, making a big success

Eom Won-sang and Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan Hyundai) played a big role in front of the Korean national soccer team coach Jürgen Klinsmann. Eom Won-sang contributed 3 goals alone, and Joo Min-gyu added a goal with a fantastic non-stop turning shot.

Eom Won-sang and Joo Min-gyu played a big role in the 18th round home game of ‘Hanawon Q K League 1 2023’ against Jeju United held at Munsu Soccer Stadium in Ulsan at 6:00 pm on the 10th, contributing to Ulsan’s 5-1 victory. The two showed their presence through an armed demonstration in front of national team coach Klinsman, who visited the stadium that day.메이저사이트

In the 17th minute of the first half, Um Won-sang, who replaced Kang Yun-goo, turned the tense game trend toward Ulsan. In the 29th minute of the first half, Bako gave a space pass to the left of the box, and Um Won-sang rushed in and snatched the ball before opponent goalkeeper Kim Dong-jun. Then he induced a penalty kick. Eventually, as a kicker, Bako scored the opening goal with a penalty kick in the 31st minute of the first half.

Um Won-sang even scored a K-League debut goal for Japanese player Esaka Ataru in the 7th minute of the second half. Um Won-sang, who broke through the right side, saw Ataru rushing in front of the goal and raised a cross and finished it with Ataru’s header. This is Eom Won-sang, who helped in season 3.

Um Won-sang was not satisfied here. One minute later, in the 8th minute of the second half, Um Won-sang scored a goal himself. Eom Won-sang, who caught the ball under the half-line, broke through the Jeju camp alone and tactfully pushed the ball into the opposite goal as Kim Dong-joon approached. Eom Won-sang was replaced again in the 31st minute of the second half, but on this day he showed his most distinct presence.

Um Won-sang was not listed on the national team list ahead of the A-match friendly matches against Peru and El Salvador in Busan and Daejeon on the 16th and 20th, respectively. Eom Won-sang has not been able to board the national team yet after Klinsman took over as head coach.

On the other hand, Um Won-sang was included in the list of the Hangzhou Asian Games soccer team under the age of 24 (U-24) led by coach Hwang Seon-hong. Hwang Sun-Hong will play two away evaluation matches against China on the 15th and 19th.

[OSEN=Ulsan, Reporter Lee Seok-woo] On the 10th, the Hana One Q K League 1 2023 Ulsan Hyundai vs. Jeju Utd match was held at Munsu Soccer Stadium in Ulsan. Um Won-sang of Ulsan Hyundai scores a late goal and shares the joy with his teammates. 2023.06.10 / foto0307@osen.co.kr

Joo Min-gyu, who was at the forefront, also stood out. Joo Min-gyu, who had given his teammates many chances, scored a goal in the 25th minute of the second half to make it 4-0. After Bako controlled a cross from the right with his right foot, he split the goal with a right-footed turning shot before the ball fell.

As Joo Min-gyu’s shot exploded, a strange scene was created as director Klinsman’s smiling face was reflected on the TV screen. With this goal, Joo Min-gyu became the first player to score a double-digit goal this season. It was the moment when he scored 22 goals in 2021 and 17 goals in 2022, scoring three consecutive double-digit goals.

Joo Min-kyu is leading the team in scoring with his 10th goal of the season, but he was not included in coach Klinsman’s national team list. In particular, Joo Min-kyu’s turning shot drew attention as it resembled the goal Klinsman scored against Korea in the 1994 World Cup group stage 3 match.

German striker Klinsmann, who was in front of the goal at the time, got the ball up with his right foot when the grounder cross came, then scored the opening goal with a left-footed turning shot. Germany scored three goals in the first half alone, including Klinsman’s multi-goal, and eliminated Korea from the group stage with two draws and one loss, with Hwang Seon-hong and Hong Myung-bo scoring chase goals in the second half.

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