Play golf to your heart’s content after retirement… Bale, who participated in the US golf tournament, “It was a fun day”

Welsh football legend Gareth Bale has competed in a golf tournament after retiring.

A number of foreign media outlets, including EPSN and <Eurosport>, announced that Bale, who announced his retirement from active duty through social media in January of this year, participated in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament held in California, USA. Bale, who showed off his extraordinary love for golf even during his active career, is now attracting attention by transforming into a golfer and participating in competitions.

Bale, paired with professional golfer Joseph Bramlett, shot a 65-7 under on the Spyglass Hill course, which is known for its considerable difficulty. ESPN introduced that Bale was a bit nervous at his first tee shot, but soon regained his normal pace and showed his skills. The back door said that Bale was delighted and said, “It was a fun day.” Bale plans to digest the competition schedule for two more days. 메이저놀이터

Meanwhile, Spanish professional golfer Jon Rahm, who participated in the tournament together, said, “I told Bale, ‘It’s not fair to be good at professional football and golf at the same time.’ “He praised Bale’s golf talent.

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