Recruiting deGrom ranks first in power reinforcement, but can’t go to the postseason…

 The Texas Rangers turned weaknesses into strengths by recruiting a large number of starting pitchers, starting with Jacob deGrom. There is also a view that it can increase 10 more wins than last year at +9.9 in the WAR (contribution to victory over substitute)-based prediction. This is the highest among 30 clubs.

However, despite this, Texas is still considered a team that is far from the postseason. introduced Texas on the 19th (Korean time) as the team that spent the offseason most faithfully. It is meaningful because it is not a ranking of teams that spent a lot of money, but a ranking based on how they filled the necessary areas.

“It’s unclear how many innings we can expect from talented but injured starters like deGrom, Nathan Eboldi, Andrew Heaney, and Jake Odorizzi. But before the offseason rolls around, John Gray and Dane Dunning It should not be forgotten that the starting rotation led by Texas was ranked 28th out of 30 teams.”

However, according to PECOTA, a representative performance prediction system, Texas was predicted to be 4th in the American League West with 78 wins and 84 losses this season. This is despite the fact that it is evaluated as a team with the second thickest starting rotation after the New York Yankees now that players have been reinforced. pointed out that “this is only possible in an unlikely scenario in which all new recruits spend the season in good health,” and pointed out that the performance of the Texas starting rotation has a large gap between expectations and reality.

In addition, left fielders ranked last in the major leagues, and the bullpen ranked 27th. Expectations are high that they can win 10 more games with consecutive reinforcements, but it doesn’t seem easy for a weak team that recorded 68 wins and 94 losses last year to become a strong team at once. 스포츠토토

Meanwhile, the PECOTA predicted American League West first place was the Houston Astros (95-67), and the second place was the Los Angeles Angels (86-76). The Seattle Mariners (82-80) followed, followed by the Oakland Athletics, with an expected 65-97, and were considered the lowest candidates.

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