‘Rehabilitation Plant Manager’ Director Kim Do-gyun’s new work, Lee Kwang-hyeok

Kim Do-gyun (46), coach of Suwon FC,토토사이트 used ‘magic’ again. Coach Kim is the best ‘rehabilitation plant manager’ in the K-League. Every player who touched came to life. They turned Lars and Murillo, who suffered the pain of being kicked out of Jeonbuk Hyundai, into top foreign players in the K-League. Park Joo-ho, Jeong Dong-ho, and Jeong Jae-yong, who were unable to overcome the passing of time, also announced a revival under coach Kim. Last year, he even saved Lee Seung-woo, the “Korean Messi,” who was struggling in Europe. Lee Seung-woo, who resurrected brilliantly under coach Kim’s guidance, ranked 4th in scoring with 14 goals.

This season, the work that director Kim is making is Lee Kwang-hyuk. Ahead of this season, Lee Kwang-hyeok, wearing the Suwon FC uniform, has emerged as the team’s ace. Lee Kwang-hyeok, who led Suwon FC’s attack with his speed and dribbling, even exploded a goal in a game against Suwon Samsung over the weekend. He has 1 goal -1 assist in 3 games and a 7.1 rating. Director Kim is showing a good figure to the point of thinking, “I brought him well.”

Lee Kwang-hyeok is a player whose talent was once recognized enough to be called ‘Pohang Messi’. Although he is short at 1m69, it was evaluated that he had all of the speed, technique, and sense. Pohang Steelers cherished him, but he was hindered by an injury. After he ruptured his cruciate ligament in his knee, he suffered frequent injuries. He was one of only a handful of times he played an entire season. In 2021, he missed the entire season with an Achilles tendon rupture. Manager Kim, who cherished Lee Kwang-hyeok’s talent, pushed for him to recruit him last summer, but unfortunately, the triangular trade failed and he failed to achieve his goal.

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