‘Retirement’ Yoon Chae-young “My juniors, don’t be afraid, take on the challenge”

“The world is wide. I hope juniors will also take on challenges.”

She is a request from veteran Yoon Chae-young, who recently announced her retirement. She is at the point of leaving her field after 17 years of her professional career in Korea and Japan. In an interview with Asia Economic Daily on the 27th, Yoon Chae-young smiled and said, “I still can’t believe that I’m retiring.” She continued, “Even now, as long as I have physical strength, I want to advance to the United States,” and advised, “I hope my juniors can experience a bigger stage.”

Yoon Chae-young is synonymous with persistence. In 2006, she debuted on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour and maintained the seed for a whopping 11 consecutive years. She boasted a consistency that produced stable grades year after year. In July 2014, at the Jeju Samdasoo Masters, she directed a drama in which she succeeded in ‘159 before 160’. She added her meaning by beating Park In-bi, the ‘golf empress’ at the time. “I still have vivid memories,” he recalled, “an unforgettable moment.”

Yoon Chae-young entered the JLPGA tour in 2017, and she played for 6 consecutive years until last year. Although she did not win, she appeared in 159 games and finished runner-up on four occasions, giving her a total of 24 ‘top 10’ finishes. “She could have quit earlier if she hadn’t gone to Japan,” he recalls. “She was lucky.” The reason why Yoon Chae-young decided to advance to Japan was after she pitched in the Yamaha Ladies Open in 2016 at the invitation of the club’s sponsor, Yamaha Golf. At the time, she had a two-stroke lead going into the third round. Before the final 4 rounds, she even took pictures in advance on the piano and boat that the winner receives as an injury. Yoon Chae-young played together with Lee Ji-hee and Shin Ji-ae in the championship group on the last day. Unfortunately, she finished even par and was tied for third place. “Through this competition, I gained the confidence that I can do it in Japan,” he said. Yoon Chae-young entered the Japanese stage through the JLPGA Tour Qualifying Tournament (QT), which lasted until the 4th round.

Yoon Chae-young cannot forget the opening of Daio Paper Elle Air Ladies in November last year. It was the last tournament I played on the JLPGA Tour. All the Japanese fans who gave unwavering support in the situation where it was difficult to secure a seed for next year gathered together. Yoon Chae-young received her cake with her picture on it and a crystal plate with the phrase ‘Thank you Chae-young’ as a gift from her. He confessed, “We ate together and had a good time,” and “later we cried with her mother.”

Yoon Chae-young said he planned to retire after playing until this year. He was confident to keep the seed. Last year, he skipped the tournament in March and started the tour in earnest from April. He said calmly, “It’s unfortunate that I didn’t get good results last year. I didn’t have a bad feeling, and there was no big problem with my shot.” If Yoon Chae-young stays seeded, he plans to go on a retirement tour with his parents this year. He said, “I was thinking of going to restaurants and hot springs around the venue.

Yoon Chae-young will have a retirement match in Korea and Japan. On the 30th of next month, she will greet Japanese golf fans at the Yamaha Ladies Open in Shizuoka, Japan. On April 27, she made her final play at the Chris F&C 45th KLPGA Championship, her first major event on the KLPGA Tour. The main sponsor of both competitions is Yoon Chae-young’s sponsor. At the Yamaha Ladies Open, her sister, Sungah Yoon, serves as her caddy. Yoon Seong-ah was a regular member of the KLPGA Tour and played on the Dream (Part 2) Tour. “For her Japanese competition, her sister decided to carry her bag,” she explained. 스포츠토토

Yoon Chae-young did not hold a club for two months from mid-December last year. She went to ski resorts in Jeongseon and Konjiam with Choi Na-yeon, Kim Ha-neul, and Kim Dana. “I’ve never had a break like this before,” he said, laughing bashfully. We will start training in earnest this week. She will work on her stamina in Yongin and also practice her shots at Rivera CC, where her sister is taking lessons.

Yoon Chae-young’s love for golf grew stronger. He said, “If Sid had been there, she would still be playing golf,” he said. He added, “I learned a lot in Japan. I have matured a lot as a human being.”

Yoon Chae-young also did not forget his advice to his juniors. He said, “If you truly love golf, you have to go abroad. You have to have courage when you go abroad for the first time,” he said. he advised. He said, “Physical strength and foreign languages ​​are basic. You have to have faith that you can adapt to a new tour. You may not get good grades, but you can learn a lot through failure.”

Yoon Chae-young is contemplating a second life. She is steadily preparing for her future, leaving open various possibilities such as lessons, broadcasting, and YouTube activities. “She’s considering what she can do well,” he said. “She gets advice from meeting a lot of people.” Yoon Chae-young said, “I also asked to create fun content with Na-yeon and Han-eul,” and promised that she would “return as a better Yoon Chae-young.”

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