Reunited with Eom Won-sang as enemies… Gwangju FC Um Ji-seong “I’ll show you at the stadium”

 Correspondent Lee Eui-jin = Gwangju FC striker Um Ji-seong (21), a professional soccer ‘promoted team’, burned his fighting spirit against ‘Kumho High School’ senior’ Eom Won-sang (25, Ulsan Hyundai).

At the ‘2023 K-League Winter Field Training Media Camp’ held at Barev Hotel in Seogwipo, Jeju on the 8th, Umji-seong said, “I feel new standing in the same line as Won-sang this year. I’m excited.”

At the same time, he said, “I was a player who competed with him and admired him while watching his play. I will not stop fighting as a player-to-player.

Eom Won-sang, who led Gwangju’s attack in the 2021 season, moved his enemy to the prestigious Ulsan Hyundai of K-League 1 through the winter transfer market after the season ended.

Without Eom Won-sang, Gwangju’s frontline looked loose, and the future of Gwangju, which had just been relegated and competed in K-League 2, looked bleak.

Contrary to this prospect, Gwangju achieved a’historic season’ by setting the record for the most points (86) in the 2022 season K League 2, and rose to the first division again.

Um Won-sang’s junior Um Ji-seong filled the void.

Um Ji-seong, a winger from Kumho High School in Gwangju like Um Won-sang, scored 9 goals in 28 appearances.

Um Ji-seong, who ran in the back of the opponent with as much effort as Eom Won-sang, received the K League 2 Young Player Award and was named in the league’s best 11 as a right midfielder.

When asked to point out his advantage over Um Won-sang, he said, “I once told the media that I use my left foot better.” 바카라사이트

Um Ji-seong is one of the ‘potential players’ that manager Lee Jung-hyo talked about.

In an earlier interview, coach Lee said, “I want to send as many potential players as possible to the national team, Asian Games, Olympic team, and national team by age group.” ” said

Um Ji-seong said, “It is every player’s dream to participate in such a tournament. It is an honor to represent Korea on a big stage. As a player, it is of course a great motivation.”

He continued, “You have to be in good shape in the first division to be in a competition like that”.

Recently, strikers of a similar age are attracting attention in the K-League.

Gangwon FC’s winger Yang Hyeon-jun (21) emerged as the league’s biggest hit last season, and Suwon Samsung striker Oh Hyun-gyu (22) moved to Celtic (Scotland) and realized his dream of advancing to Europe.

Umji-seong said, “There is nothing impatient. They supported me as a friend and as a player.” .

He also announced that he would continue to show the ceremony, which has become a monopoly.

Last season, when Umji-seong scored, he raised the thumb of his right hand and spread his left hand backwards in the shape of a shroud.

Umji-seong laughed, saying, “I will carry this ceremony until the end of my career as a soccer player.”

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