Road FC Chairman Jeong Mun-Hong announces position on ‘Hwang In-soo Bandage Plaster Controversy’

The focus is on the bandage of ‘Road FC Middleweight Champion’ Hwang In-soo (29, FREE).

At the Goobne ROAD FC 063 held on the 25th at the Goyang Gymnasium, Hwang In-soo defeated Myeong Hyeon-man (38, Myeong-hyeon-man multi gym) in 48 seconds of the 3rd round, winning the title of ‘Korea Standing Strongest’.

After the game, suspicions arose that Hwang In-soo had put plaster on the bandage. In a situation where many doubts come and go, on the 28th, Road FC Chairman Jeong Mun-hong announced his position on his personal YouTube channel ‘Gao Hyung Life’.

Chairman Jeong Moon-hong said, “I think it is ‘impossible’ in that part. There are about 24 referees in Road FC,” he said. We always get together to train referees,” he said. 토토사이트

“When you enter a match, there is a feeling of waiting. There are waiters in the waiting room on both sides, and there are people who check the bandage and sign the bandage. The form of signing the bandage is slightly different for each referee. After the referees sign it, they see if the bandage has adapted well, see what they signed, and then another referee puts the glove on themselves.”

Road FC has made accurate and fair rules and frameworks through numerous competitions, and emphasized that the games are played according to solid procedures.

“Because the glove is inserted and taped, it is impossible to have any foreign substance in the middle. For a long time, judges set the process for fairness and some justice. That’s why we can’t do anything in the middle,” Chairman Jung Mun-Hong said firmly.

Since this match was played with a lot of fan interest, there are doubts about the result. Road FC runs the tournament according to the correct procedure, so President Jeong Moon-hong expressed his opinion confidently.

“It was really shocking to see Myung Hyun-man collapse. This will be the same for the fans and me. However, as Hyeon-Man Myung is my player and he is my junior, I have to praise In-Soo Hwang again, and I think ‘I should be able to praise In-Soo Hwang’s joy as well’, so I fully understand. Of course, I think that raising such suspicions has its own reasons,” Chairman Jung Moon-hong sympathized with the fans.

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