Shaking Napoli “Negotiations with Osimen to renew the contract… If there is a victim to win, Kim Min-jae”

Napoli rushed to capture Victor Osimen. It was argued that if one had to let go of the championship achieved in 33 years, it would be Kim Min-jae.

Italy’s ‘Football Italia’ reported on the 9th (Korean time), “Naples radio ‘Kiss Kiss Napoli’ reported that Aurelio De Laurentiis is negotiating a new contract with Osimen’s agent. After winning the Italian Serie A championship after 33 years, it is news that he is negotiating directly with Osimen’s agent.”

“Osimen has카지노사이트a price tag of well over 100 million euros (approximately 145.5 billion won) and has a contract with Napoli until June 2025. He is a global player including Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Chelsea. I have been connected with the clubs,” he added.

Osimen made a name for himself when he joined Lille after growing up at Wolfsburg. In the 2019-20 season, which was his debut season, he scored 13 goals and 5 assists in 27 French Ligue 1 matches and played a big role. He made a mark with his reckless breakthrough, sharp decision-making, and excellent physicality.

Our next destination was Naples. He broke the Neapolitan club record with a huge transfer fee of 75 million euros (approximately 109.1 billion won). Osimen quickly adapted to the Italian stage and proved himself through ‘double-digit league goals in two consecutive seasons (10 → 14 goals)’.

As the number of minor and major injuries diminished, his talent blossomed. This season, Osimen has scored 23 goals in the league alone, and also scored 5 goals in the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Napoli won the ‘Scudetto (Italian Serie A championship)’ thanks to Osimen’s goal.

All the big clubs that are said to have stuck to it. After a miraculous victory, Napoli is expected to lose power and is shaking. Kim Min-jae, who has a buyout clause, has not yet signed a renewal contract, and Hvica Kvarachhelia, also known as ‘Kvaradona’, is in the same situation.

Napoli’s president, De Laurentiis, went directly to capture Osimen. “Football Italia” reported that “President De Laurentiis has repeatedly assured fans that he has no intention of selling Osimen this coming summer.” He added, “If one of them has to be sacrificed, it’s most likely Kim Min-jae, who has a buyout clause.”

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