Shin Jin-seo won the championship for 5 consecutive years

During the 10 years until 2005 in the history of the GS Caltex Cup, Lee Chang-ho won five championships and was runner-up once. Since then, he has not made it to the final stage. Park Yeong-hun competed in the finals for 16 consecutive years and reached the sixth final in 2012, finishing second. He’s hard to make it to the finals these days, so he misses his third win. Lee Se-dol failed to achieve his goal in the final round, the sixth right in 2018. He left the world of Go in 2019 after winning three championships. 토토사이트

In the 25th competition in 2020, three consecutive wins came out for the first time. Shin Jin-seo increased it to 4 consecutive championships in 2021, and achieved 5 consecutive championships in 2022. For GS Caltex, the winner will also play in the finals in the next competition. It is the first time in the history of Korean baduk that Lee Chang-ho (4 consecutive victories in the Cheonwon match in 1999) has been won in such a tournament. Even when I looked at Japan and China, there were no examples.

“5 consecutive losses. Of course, I was greedy. This time I worked hard and kept my tension, so I think the results came out better. It seems to have worked. World competitions are important, but I think domestic competitions are the root. Thank you for supporting the GS Caltex Cup. If there is a small goal, it is always to show fun and good baduk.”

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