Shock “I can’t stand living in Saudi Arabia!” C. Ronaldo Al Nasr’s patience explodes after 6 months in contract “Open transfer to Europe”

Cristiano Ronaldo’s (Al Nasr) patience is already running out. Five months after moving to Saudi Arabia, he is actively considering a move to Europe.

Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo reported on the 24th (KST), “Cristiano Ronaldo no longer has patience for life in Saudi Arabia. He wants to leave Al Nasr. It has been less than six months since he arrived at the Saudi club in a historic €200 million ($270 million) deal.안전놀이터

Ronaldo had a major nervous breakdown with Manchester United last year and eventually left the club.

He was completely excluded from United’s plans under Louis van Gaal. His selfish behavior clashed with Van Gaal’s emphasis on team principles.

He refused an overseas tour just before last season, citing family commitments, and left the ground before the end of an off-season game. Ten Haag fiercely criticized the move, calling it “unacceptable.” And rightly so.

Eventually, he and van Gaal crossed the Rubicon. He parted ways with United just before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Saudi Arabian giants Al Nasr had signed Ronaldo. It was the deal of the century. Armed with powerful “oil money,” Al Nasr shocked the world of soccer by signing Ronaldo. Lionel Messi’s move to Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia) was also a catalyst.

Ronaldo, who signed last December, plays in the Saudi league.

Mundo Deportivo said: “Ronaldo is irritated by life in Saudi Arabia, realizing that he is out of touch with the modern world. He is looking for a return to Europe, which he has started to declare publicly.

Ronaldo may be looking for a move to Europe. But it’s a different story if he declares it publicly. It could have a serious negative impact on his contract.

As Mundo Deportivo explains, “If Ronaldo decides to leave without good reason, FIFA’s regulations on player transfers require the club to compensate him for the remainder of his contract. In particular, it states that in all cases of termination without cause, the party terminating the contract is obliged to pay compensation.

Compensation is calculated according to national law, the nature of the sport, and other criteria. Ronaldo would have to pay the remainder of his contract, as well as any fees and expenses paid by his former club, and any losses incurred. With a contract worth €200 million, the cost could be astronomical if Ronaldo were to terminate his contract without authorization.

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