‘Sky 72’, a golf course near Incheon International Airport, will soon be enforced… 17 days notice

Reporter Choi Eun-ji = The court is planning to enforce the land transfer of the operator of Incheon’s Yeongjong Island golf course ‘Sky 72’ sooner or later.

According to the Incheon International Airport Corporation on the 14th, the Incheon District Court decided to launch a compulsory execution of real estate delivery to return the Sky 72 golf course site in Yeongjong Island, Jung-gu, Incheon to the Incheon Airport Corporation on the 17th, and notified the corporation of this.

Initially, the court announced that if the golf course site was not returned to Incheon International Airport Corporation by December 29 of last year, it would be compulsory execution and the cost would be borne by Sky72.

This is a measure following the final victory in the appeal trial, including real estate delivery, filed by Incheon International Airport Corporation against Sky72.

However, Sky72 maintains its position that it is difficult to hand over the land until the results of the prosecution’s investigation into the selection of the golf course operator are released, and continues to accept golf course reservations.

The tenants of Sky72’s facilities are said to have installed barbed wire around the golf course to prevent accidents such as collisions ahead of the forced execution.

An official from Incheon International Airport Corporation said, “I know that the enforcement will be enforced on the 17th, but I have not been notified of the specific schedule.” 슬롯사이트

Sky 72 Co., Ltd., the existing operator of Sky 72, borrowed land from the Incheon International Airport Corporation on Yeongjong Island, the site for the construction of the 5th runway, and created and operated a golf course and club house.

Sky72 set the contract termination date as ‘December 31, 2020, when the runway is to be built’, but the start of the runway 5 was later than scheduled, resulting in a legal dispute with the construction company.

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