Slicing worries with X, straightness improvement with Z… Korea Mizuno ST230 driver released

Mizuno Korea has released the 5th generation model of the ST (Speed ​​Technology) series, ‘ST230 Driver’.

The ST230 driver is a club that focuses on fast ball speed and loss spin to improve distance, and features global R&D technology and feedback from PGA Tour players.

It is noticeable that the ‘Coretech Chamber’ technology is placed close to the club face. The Core Tech Chamber is a technology that helps add a condensed energy source by placing stainless steel parts in an elastic TPU chamber. The TPU material, which increases the flight distance with the repulsive force that is restored by absorbing the force applied at impact, and the stainless steel parts, which transmit the repulsive energy to the club and ball, create a synergistic effect, resulting in explosive ball speed.

Fast ball speed and loss spin increase as the weight is closer to the club face. The ST230 driver places the Core Tech chamber closer to the club face to reduce spin. It is an element that can be expected to have a solid feel at impact and strong repulsion.

‘Dynamic motion’ was also applied to the head design to reduce air resistance. Mizuno’s unique Core Tech face technology, which is thicker at the center and thinner at the periphery, has also been refined. 바카라사이트

Drivers with the new technology were released as ST-X 230 and ST-Z 230. X was designed to make draw pitches. Light carbon was used on the toe side of the head sole to lower the weight, and a 7g weight was placed on the heel to increase head movement speed. It prevents the loss of distance and supplements the direction for golfers who are worried about the slice.

Z is a model with excellent straightness and loss spin performance. It is worth choosing for golfers who want a stable direction. It is characterized by the balanced use of carbon in the head toe and heel to enhance straightness. The Z model also introduced fairway woods and utilities.

Details such as the main specifications of the ST230 driver can be found on the Mizuno Korea website.

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