Snowy training ground… ‘Are your fingers okay?’

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This is sports news on Thursday night.

The WBC team gathered at the US training ground wore uniforms side by side and put their hands together for the first time.

Despite the difficulties of adjusting to the jet lag and the unexpected cold, the players’ expressions were bright.

This is reporter Kim Su-geun from Tucson, Arizona.

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Snow fell unexpectedly overnight at the national team’s training ground, where the daytime maximum temperature was 20 degrees.

Even in the unusually chilly weather, where there was still snow in many places, the players went to training with bright faces.

Instead of feeling burdened or nervous, the players, who wore the uniforms with the Taegeuk mark and ‘Korea’ on them, showed excitement.

[Lee Jung-hoo/WBC national team]
“<What time did you come out today?> 8 o’clock.”

While Major League scouts watched…

The beasts who improved their physical condition in their respective teams were so nimble that coach Lee Kang-cheol showed satisfaction.

Yang Eui-ji, who was suffering from jet lag until yesterday, also regained her energy.

[Yang Eui-ji/WBC national team]
“I thought it would be more helpful to relax lightly, so I’m a bit satisfied because it’s our first training together and it seems like we had fun working out together.”

Pitchers paced their breath with light running and catches.

The appearance of a team has already been revealed, such as Park Se-woong and Koo Chang-mo paying close attention to Lee Eui-ri’s finger condition.

[Gu Chang-mo/WBC national team]
“There is no big problem in entering the actual game. It is natural to work hard because I am wearing the Taegeuk mark and going out like this, and I will prepare well to achieve the best results.”

So-jun So-jun, who built his body for two weeks at the same place as the national team’s training ground, threw 30 balls from the bullpen.

Manager Lee Kang-cheol expressed his intention to focus on checking the condition of the pitchers at the beginning of the call.

In the first practice game against NC tomorrow, we plan to check 7 pitchers, including Kim Gwang-hyun, Ko Young-pyo, and Jung Woo-young. 스포츠토토

Despite the chilly snowy weather, the national team, which started their full-fledged journey toward the tournament with their first training session, plans to enhance their sense of practice through five practice games.

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