Spain hastily dealt with racial discrimination, ‘Closing some of the spectator seats – imposing fines – arresting criminals – canceling exit’

Vinicius Junior racism is spreading.

The Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) said on its website on the 24th (Korean time), “We impose sanctions on the incident that occurred in the 35th round of Spanish La Liga in the 2022-23 season, when Valencia and Real Madrid faced each other. Estadio de Mestaya south stand will be partially shut down for the next five games and Valencia will be fined 45,000 euros (about 64 million won).”안전놀이터

Vinicius faced racism again. During the match, Valencia fans swear at Vinicius and throw trash at him. The match was paused for a moment and all scenes were captured on the relay screen. Even Jose Gaya, the captain of Valencia, stopped fans.

Just before the end of the match, Vinicius exploded. Real Attack Situation A corner kick was awarded after Giorgi Mamardashvili made a save. At this time, Valencia players did not hand over the ball to pass the time, and a war of nerves unfolded. In the process, Vinicius, surrounded by opposing players, slapped him in the face with Ugo Doo. The referee declared an exit after an on-field review (VAR).

Vinicius, who suffered from racism throughout the game, said after leaving the game, “It’s not the first, it’s not the second, it’s not the third. Racism is common in Spanish La Liga. The federation also encourages it.” There are racists gathered today. There is no way to confront the racism that happens every week. I will fight racists until the end.”

It is the Spanish football world that is evolving rapidly. American ‘CNN’ said, “Vinicius suffered racist abuse several times this season. Spanish police detained four people in January for hanging Vinicius mannequins from a Madrid bridge. The other three were accused of racist insults during the match against Valencia. I was arrested. Both incidents were treated as hate crimes.”

Racism is not just a Spanish problem. The English Premier League (EPL) played by Son Heung-min and the Italian Serie A dominated by Kim Min-jae are also notorious. Each league is trying to eradicate racism in various ways, but the situation is hardly improving.

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