SSG-Hanwha shared ‘Kingham Trauma’… The lesson I forgot in the sweet temptation, the headache started

Nick Kingham (32) was a good starting resource that many clubs in the KBO League watched. He had good strengths in pitching, commanding, breaking ball and game management ability. He also has a wealth of experience as a starter. In 2020, SK (now SSG) also decided to recruit with an eye on such advantages. Even among other teams, there were many evaluations of “I can do the basics even if I can’t do it.”

But one of the suspicions that always followed Kingham was that he had a lot of injuries. 메이저사이트When he played in the minor leagues and major leagues, he suffered frequent pain in various parts. At the time of his joining, his physical condition was fine, but these concerns soon became reality. After playing two games in the 2020 season, he broke away due to a sore elbow. The club gave enough time, but Kingham couldn’t continue pitching in the end. He tossed around a bit and then gave up.

The doctor’s opinion was “not to that extent”. Kingham, on the other hand, said he had actual pain and maintained his innocence. It became a strangely confrontational aspect, and SK eventually gave up on Kingham. Kingham underwent elbow surgery shortly after moving to the United States. It was the moment when another injury career was added.

The team that found Kingham again was Hanwha. Ahead of the 2021 season, Hanwha, who confirmed that Kingham’s rehabilitation was in good shape, immediately put out a contract. Just like SK, Hanwha could not give up its advantages. The name was changed to ‘Kingham’. In 2021, in 25 games, he proved his ‘ace potential’ with an average ERA of 3.19 with 10 wins and 8 losses. However, there were residual injuries in 2021, and in the end, in 2022, I got sick. After playing 3 games, he got sick again and was kicked out.

It is impossible to predict injuries. In some cases, problems occur in areas that were medically fine until the time of joining. However, it is generally accepted that players with a history of injuries are more likely to be injured again than those without. It is the so-called ‘glass body’. Needless to say, from the beginning of the season, he was out of rotation due to injury, and both teams paid a high price.

However, both teams are facing the same crisis this year. SSG’s lefty Annie Romero (32) and Hanwha’s righty Birch Smith (33) give me headaches. They were evaluated as the best among foreign pitchers who joined this year in terms of career and pitch. Both teams expected a foreign ace from them. However, he had to leave from the start due to an injury, or he could not even start the season at all. Recovery is also slow.

Romero is now not considering replacement, but is reaching the level where it needs to be replaced. During the Okinawa practice game, he complained of pain in his left shoulder and left. He was in a situation where there was no promise of when he would be able to return from the time of his departure. Time passed just like that. Smith complained of pain in his shoulder while pitching in the match against Gocheok Kiwoom on the 1st, which was the opening match, and voluntarily gave up. He is rehabilitating, but progress is also slower than expected.

Both players were also players with a lot of injuries in the past. There are elements to be reluctant to do. So, I did a thorough physical examination. Even after agreeing to his contract, Romero took a long time to complete his physical exam. Smith searched all the way to the United States and combed through his material. However, the two teams were not able to resist the temptation of their strong advantages. I saw that there was no problem with my current physical condition, but I expected that no major injuries would come. However, if you do something wrong, you are in danger of stepping on the steps of Kingham again. Smith has room but must continue to have anxiety, and Romero is increasingly likely to be replaced.

Of course, it can be seen as unfortunate, but anyway, it came back to the cold reality. Finding a good substitute foreign player in April is a matter of picking stars from the sky. It is a time when many players do not give up on entering the major leagues. The club also does not release players well to secure the widest possible pool. There is a possibility that useful pitchers will be released only after the opt-out period inserted at the end of May or the end of June, but judging from the recent 2-3 years, that is also not easy. Will there be a twist in the path ahead of Romero and Smith, and the path of SSG and Hanwha?

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